tabla de corte madera de olivo
tabla de corte madera de olivo

Tuscany olive wood cutting board

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The Toscana cutting board is an olive wood board, 100% natural and  handmade as well as being incredibly beautiful and elegant.

The cutting boards cannot be missing in our kitchens, it is an essential and very necessary and functional kitchen utensil for day to day, for culinary use, chopping and cutting food to prepare delicious recipes or it can also serve us  to present a table of sausages, cheeses or pâtés to our guests.

It is also a very decorative element, being able to place them in a corner, showcase, or kitchen shelf.

The Toscana cutting board, being made of olive wood, has antibacterial properties, does not contract fungi, is resistant to stains and odors and is a very resistant and strong wood.

As it is a unique and exclusive piece, each table is totally different, varying in size, color and shape, although all of them are thin and soft to the touch.

Some boards may show more grain and knots  of the wood itself, other boards will have more rounded shapes and others more rectangular, always with irregular finishes, even with some notches.

It is what makes this table an authentic and original element, providing warmth, naturalness and an extra rustic style to your kitchen and your table.

The delivery of this table is totally random, whenever the purchase of more than 1 unit is made, we try to make them as similar as possible in tone and shape, but being a unique and exclusive piece it is not always possible, in any case, we are from the opinion that what is different and imperfect is incredibly beautiful.

Size: Width 14cm (approx)

               Length 30 cm (approximate)

Colour: Natural wood, ocher, gold

Material: Olive wood

Care: Do not use a dishwasher, we recommend hand-washing the board with soap and water and letting it dry vertically, in this way you ensure that it dries equally well on both sides.

We also recommend spreading a little olive oil on a cloth or paper napkin to hydrate the board from time to time and thus ensure that it lasts over time.

Quantity: Sold in single units

Brand: IB Laursen

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