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Meet Vico House Deco

Vico House Deco emerged after years of trying to find, trial and error, to create a brand that could be launched online.

We chose the online option for several reasons, the first of all, we wanted to be able to work from home, it sounds very idyllic but due to our family situation and our location, it is a formula that better adapts to our way of life.

On the other hand, we wanted to be able to combine our work with Vico House Deco, in order to have a little security.

So we got down to work, we started selling things that we hadn't used at home for a year, you know through platforms and applications, we didn't want to get into a big debt first, and we also wanted to first test the acceptance of the idea.

Our main idea is to make each house, home, or as we usually call it, a nest, for what we do not like to observe birds, a special place, we want to achieve that WOW effect, I am already at home !!!!!! .

Perhaps you will not think the same, because of what you do not stop at home, but you are nowhere at home.

Well let's get serious.

Vico House Deco is a family business, created with a lot of effort, work and enthusiasm.

You already know the reason for embarking on this great project, but we have not presented ourselves yet.

We (Ana and Grego) are a restless couple, with 2 children, we like to enjoy the home, it is our nest, and a space where we leave behind the juggling of day to day.

That is why we believe and reaffirm the importance of creating a cozy, intimate home and to the taste of each one.

Decoración de interiores
Ana carries all the creative part, since she is a person in love with beautiful things and objects that give life to the home, personally she is an orderly, thoughtful and imaginative person, virtues that help to find those pieces that give life and personality to each style and home.
Decorating and creating cozy spaces is her great passion, talk to her if you want to give life to your home.


Grego, on the other hand, being a very patient, constant and methodical person, also passionate about computer science, takes the most technical and administrative part of the company. He's the one to meet if you have a problem to solve.


The two of us together form a great little team


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