¡Hello! We are Ana and Grego and this is our story


what moves us

We open the doors of our house:vico house deco

We are a restless and very simple couple. We have 2 children and we love to enjoy our family and the home we have created.

It is our nest. The safe and calm space where we leave behind the daily juggling.

That is why we believe and reaffirm ourselves in the importance of creating a home, intimate and to the taste of each one. Here, we feel at peace.


"I am responsible for all the creative part of our business and I am in love with decoration, beautiful things and objects that give life to the home. I consider myself a fan of order, detail-oriented and imaginative, virtues that help me find those pieces that give life and personality to houses Decorating, discovering new styles and creating welcoming spaces is my great passion.

Talk to me if you want to spice up your house."


"Unlike Ana, I am a very patient, constant and methodical person. In addition to being passionate about computers, I take care of all the technical and administrative aspects of the store. I am always there if you have a problem or have any questions to resolve."

Together we form a small great team willing to be an accomplice of your well-being

¿We help you create a home?