Scented and decorative candles

turn on acandle It can mean many things: a call to calm and relax. A search for inspiration or the prelude to an intimate or personal moment. The creation of comfortable atmosphere or a way to purify the environment.

More than a decorative element, inVico House Deco we believe that thecandles They are companions, witnesses and accomplices of many of our stories, don't you think?s?

It's time to give light to your life, take a look at our decorative candles!

¿Why you should buy our scented and decorative candles and not others 

Very easy. Because inVico House Deco We are not only concerned with offering you design products of the best quality, here we go further. We take care of every detail and we want you to find thedecorative and aromatic candles perfect for you So that you give light to every corner of your home and illuminate your moments of intimacy in your favorite space in the world: your home.

¿How to choose the ideal decorative candles for your home?

The most important thing when choosingscented or decorative candlesis that you feel that, in addition to being integrated to your liking in the space they are going to occupy, they combine with your lifestyle, with your personality and, of course, they are functional for you.

We have large and small candles, white or different colored candles, spiral candles, scented candles or indoor or outdoor candles… ¡Choose yours!