tablecloths and napkins

Table linen and napkins

I don't know if I'm right, but how many times have things happened around adesk, when you tell the children to put thedesk, the answer is I go, but after cooking you turn around and the first thing you think is, where is thetablecloth, or good if you are one of those who uses aindividual tablecloth, well that, and thepaper napkins orcloth, that depends on the day and the moment, and of course that's when Pandora's box opens and they run toset the table.

Or what do you say to this one, afterdecorate the table, how much time has it cost you, what if thistable runner, what if better atablecloth, now I put thiscenterpiece, well I like the other one better, and when you have everything, you leave it and continue with something else, and when you come back, an apocalypse has happened, there is nothing in its place, because someone has thought of using that table to do other things, you know, paint, play, etc.…

Well, not everything is going to be like this, the desktop has always brought good things.