Colors that bring autumn to life

Colores que dan vida al otoño
¿how are you?

Today is a special day, a holiday and we did not want to stop being close to you, so we are here and we come with some autumn colors to enhance the warmth of your home and make the most of all those tones that give us calm.

¿Have you noticed how many clues nature gives us when combining colors and textures in our decoration??

Brown, gold, ochre, green, saffron and many more, all of them colors that wrap us up and make us feel good..

These tones can be combined with each other and used either on walls, furniture and accessories such as cushions, blankets and rugs, in lamps or decorative elements.

You can choose a chromatic range and that a color is the protagonist;

        Brown, a warm and natural color, is one of the autumn colors par excellence and combined with neutral colors we give light and harmony to the space.
The brown tones with other earth colors such as ochre, orange and gold, immerse us in total comfort, very earthy and protective.
Combined with green tones, we will have a feeling of well-being and nature at home.
The browns combined with pink tones, will give that sweet and subtle touch, that more feminine touch.
Green, a very natural and versatile color that can not be missing, from the lightest tones to the darkest like olive. A color that is also spectacular is grayish-green.
A very natural color that combined with other colors is a guaranteed success, either with lighter tones giving light to more pink, orange or reddish tones, which give that plus of a country house.

Orange, from the lightest shade to the darkest shade, that burnt tone that, together with earth, cinnamon, taupe colors invites a full and vibrant calm, with lighter shades, beige or gray you will give temperance and a lot of serenity.
Ochre, with the pink tones I love it!! They are complementary colors that merge perfectly and I really think it's a beautiful and very serene combination. Ocher is warm and very welcoming, a color widely used in decoration and combined with other colors it is very attractive. It is a color that also combines very well in addition to, as we already know, the famous neutrals, with light blue, navy and green, are cold tones that contrast with warm ocher and yellow.

Cranberry, a beautiful and spectacular color, rustic and vibrant. A color with a feeling of refuge, warm, that wraps, depending on whether you like a more rustic, more intense decoration, with green, with toasted colors and together with the wood that resurfaces with force, you will see nature in your own home.
With more neutral tones, you will still feel this vibrant sensation but more calm, calm and happy.

There are hundreds of color combinations, it's about finding those with which we feel comfortable at home and inspire us.

Before choosing the predominant color, think about that color that brings you, that relaxes you, that reflects you, that makes you feel good, that represents you.

Our house is the reflection of ourselves, of how we feel in it and with our interior.

Be the color or colors that represent you, we are sure of one thing, if you are here it is that Home is for you more than a simple word and we love that! ;))

We hope that this mini guide to colors that you can play to combine and decorate your house, in all rooms with these autumnal tones, will help you.

Do not forget to have candles and candlesticks at hand, they help to give extra warmth, and if you like the rustic, the mountain, country house…
a good vase with dry branches, or branches with ocher, reddish leaves in the center of the table or in a corner where you can see it, I assure you that you will not want to leave your house ;))

happy holiday