Beggi bengal orthodox honey candle
Beggi bengal orthodox honey candle
Beggi bengal orthodox honey candle
Beggi bengal orthodox honey candle

Beggi bengal orthodox honey candle

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Beautiful orthodox honey candles in the shape of a fine sparkler.

Handmade, that is why there may be a slight relief on the surface, notches, grooves, the essence of what is handmade and artisan.

It is very decorative, ideal for times of change and new beginnings, it helps us give light to our desires, and eliminate moments of darkness.

These very special candles are ideal for creating a cozy and natural environment, with a pleasant aroma of honey.


Always choose a suitable support for the candle taking into account the temperature it will reach. Wood and plastic, better to avoid them.

Cut the wick to separate the two candles. They come in pairs because that's how they dip into the wax.

Place candles out of drafts so they don't flicker and drip

Being natural, without any preservatives, temperature changes may generate a slight white coating. Wipe it with a soft cloth and... voila!

We give you as an idea, since it is a very fine candle, light it, drop a few drops of hot wax into a metal or glass container where we are going to place the candle, and then stick the candle next to the drops, in this way it will stand upright, although we always recommend keeping an eye on the lit candles.



Cleans the air at the molecular level

Provides well-being and calm

more than a candle

Because it is natural and does not contain chemicals

Because it neutralizes odors and frees the air of toxins

Because its fragrance helps reduce stress with its slow and safe combustion.

Because, by emitting negative ions, it eliminates allergens such as dust, pollen and smoke.

Size:approximate height 21cm

               Diameter 0.6cm

Material: beeswax

Duration 1 hour approximately

Quantity: Sold in a pack of 2 units

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