Refund Policy

1. Dissatisfaction with the products delivered

If at the time of delivery the merchandise shows any type of visible damage,

please reject the shipment or note it on the delivery note from the transport company indicating"damaged product, open package, etc.".

Once the order has been received at your warehouse,

You have 7 working days to review the products, quantities and references received, and inform Vico House Deco of any disagreement regarding the invoice or delivery note.

After this period, Vico House Deco is not subject to any nonconformity.

2. Returns

Vico House Deco can only accept the return of an item if it shows any damage or quality non-conformity, subject to review and approval of the complaint.

If you need to return an item, the Vico House Deco Logistics Department will take care of the collection at the agreed place.

Customer service department

The white label on the product is the product warranty certificate. Without a photo of this label, no claim will be processed.

The Department will review the details of your Incident Sheet and will contact you within the next 5 working days with a response to your claim.

If necessary, the collection of the damaged item will be arranged by the Vico House Deco Logistics Department.

Once the product has been received and verified by the warehouse team, Gregorio Visiedo will proceed with the refund of the cost of the product or the shipment of the replacement of the product within the following 10 working days.