Home is where you want to be .
As simple as that. And it is that, normally, when we think of home,”, forever
we associate it with a safe space, with a place.To a place between 4 walls. But
the truth is “house can even be a person, a memory or a 
Home is a feeling that causes a sense of well-being,so that
pigeonhole - never better said - this meaning to a single idea,we do not think
just.It is scarce for us. 
It is also curious that when we talk about freedom” (in a context of
first world), often the we link with the external,with power to escape or
with the possibility or ability to leave somewhere in the one we feel
locked up¡As if one could not feel free inside his house! Nopeo? 
This is the crux of the issue surrounding our brand.What we want
transmit, defend and share with you in Vico House Deco is,
precisely the beauty behind this contradiction. 
Home is where, without the need to go outside, you feel free. 
And it is that the true calm, the tranquility and
freedom is not outside the place where we live, but within. 
Feeling free is a wonderful feeling, and true freedom lies in
House,you don't have to go out look for her nowhere.At home you live as you want and let yourself be.  
At home you enjoy your place in the world because you create your own world. to your liking you forget about them others, from outsiders, from judgments and opinions not
At home, you can live your way. Because home is synonymous with freedom. 
You decide who enters and who is not welcome. What fits and what doesn't
space. because freedom is be able to decide freely. And here it is possible. 
Home is an extension of your personality and is a witness to all your
feelings and sensations. Because a house is to live it. It is your corner.Y
dressing her your way is a form of self-expression.  
House it is a canvas in white that I know adapts Y it is the faithful spectator of our
step by the life. 
Because forever this there. Us go growing up, laugh, mourn… and evolve.
House it is your confident, because go it that No you you teach a no one Y never tea 
you feel only because their walls tea they watch Y their walls tea they support. 
Home is where you spend the most time, but it's where time stands still. 
Since Vic House decoration we want that us let get in in your House, for 
accompany you Y help you a to create Y decorate a your taste your small fortress. 
This in the that of TRUE reside the foundations of the freedom.
Making it your home and, of course, your favorite place in the world.
Anne and Greg