¿you keep us a secret?

    Let it remain between us: we like to feel beautiful, inside and out. Give us a care routine and decorate our lives with lots of pampering.

    If you're like us, we know you enjoy the little things. A good shower with thatbar of soap that reminds you of your childhood. A freshly made coffee, while you review in yourdiaryall the plans for the day, jotting down notes with apen and stickers that make you smile and make you start the day in a good mood.

    You love looking in the mirror and not comparing yourself to anyone. You dress your hair with somescrunchies vintage, pictures or flowers, or with thatdiadem That whenever you wear causes a furor. And before leaving home you open thatjeweler full ofbracelets and necklaces that remind you how conceited you are.

    ¿And what about those little moments in your haven of peace? You get home, light some candles, and plop down on the sofa with comfortable clothesthat caresses your skin, thoseso special slippersand onessocks of your style to be able to dance to the rhythm of your favorite song and let your hair down in your living room when nobody sees you.

    You can also spend a whole afternoon devouring a goodbookand taking notes on his favorite notebook, while cooking a delicious cake in the oven.

    At home you feel comfortable, but you are also one of those who enjoy traveling the world. You prepare each trip with great care. And you know that you always carry the best in your suitcase. Hetoiletry bag, a scarf, your little creams… They are your most precious treasure.

    We understand you so well that we have created Vicostyle. Here you will find all these little things that make your day to day more beautiful and make you feel that you are the most important person in your life.

    This is going to be our best secret. Keep it to yourself or share it with whoever you want.

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