Glass and glass cup


    In my family and I hope that in many more, we have a tradition, the next generation, will inherit the family's glassware , well there is always a glass or a glass of wine that does not stand the test of time, we have not yet found it solution to how to replace those glasses and cups that break.

    I know that many of you will think that that family glassware is just another piece of junk, but I don't even want to tell you how many times my guests at home have been stunned when they see the crystal glasses , especially when they see the wine glasses and the glasses of champagne , they always ask where I bought them, but I always tell them the same story.

    It is the family glassware , my grandmother bought it and within our family, from mothers to daughters, we are inheriting glasses and crystal glasses , in my case, I am the third generation, and I hope to be able to continue with this family tradition. Yes, I know that there are families that do it with sets of coffee cups , and surely there are families that do it with other things.

    And of course this is always an anecdote.