Cup of coffee

    Mycoffee corner

    Good morning, the sun begins to rise on the horizon, and the new day begins, the routine, getting up, and everything that comes after, until your time for breakfast. The coffee.
    maybe you are more thancereal bowl wavebreakfast cup, but I want to talk to you about coffee.
    From that moment when you arrive still wanting to go back to bed, you open the closet and take yourCup of coffee, you always have a favorite, the one in which thejust coffee, or if you are more thancortado coffeeIt has a special taste and aroma.
    And of course, we will not go into whether you prefer coffee beans or coffee in capsules, I like more beans and then grind it, that moment when the coffee grinder does. brrrrr, announcing the arrival.
    I am more thancoffee beans, since I try to avoid not generating more waste than necessary, and of course thecoffee in capsules doesn't help.
    By the way, if you are one of those who prefers theCappuccino coffee, with its little foam, etc., tell you that I had the anecdote in Italy of asking for one in the afternoon, and they looked at me strangely, I imagine that at that moment they knew that I was a tourist, since the Cappuccino coffee In Italy it is customary to take it only for breakfast, and yes, theristretto coffee, it's mmmm.
    EnjoyyouCup of coffee, and for the day.