plates and crockery

    My firstTableware dishes

    When you go to live alone, well when you become independent, perhaps it is almost the first thing you buy or they give you, thecomplete crockery, that is the first sign that you are starting a new path.

    It is not certain if you will start it alone or as a couple, but if I can tell you the following, that complete tableware will be followed,deep plates,dinner plates Ydessert plates.

    It will sound like a movie, but many will break because they will escape when you wash them, or when you take out and put the dishwasher on, or because one day of a lot of stress they will fall on the floor.

    And why not, here is my secret, when you are tired of seeing thoseceramic dishes and you want to change them, you want anotherceramic tableware, and that week you are more clumsy than usual.

    But of coursedishes and tableware there is a world to discover, or what do you tell me when you see thatvintage tableware, which reminds you of vacations or summers in the village house, as you would say, they are the same as my grandmother's dishes.

    Or when you are in that time of your life that you are looking for a more personalized and different touch, and you think of arustic tableware.

    Be that as it may, the important thing is to use it to gather family and friends around a table.

    Nordic style dishes and tableware

    The collection ofdishes and tableware ofVico House DecoIt is super varied in shapes, materials, sizes and colors because we want you to be able to dress your table, your moments and your spaces always to your liking.

    We could tell you that in ouronline decoration shopyou will findbeautiful plates, design plates, ceramic tableware of the best quality or Nordic-style platesso that your dining room looks like the ones in the decoration magazines But for us that is not what is important. And we know that for you neither..

    InVico House Deco we care more thansaucer in which you serve yourself the toast for breakfast you like so much that your day starts better. Thatcrockery that you use at Sunday lunch with your family is up to the incredible moment that you are going to spend with your loved ones. Or that theplates that dress the table of a romantic dinner remain impregnated with all the energy of the moment.

    Choose the crockery Ideal to accompany you in your day to day and in your most intimate and special moments.

    Types of tableware: Nordic ceramics or rustic wood? 

    Theplates They are functional and decorative elements that, like people, have their own characteristics and an expiration date... I wish they were eternal! But along the way there will be some that fall and break and others that last for years and years by your side; so the main thing is thatos plates you choose are of quality and durable.

    There is notplates ugly orplates beautiful, the important thing is that you like them. But there are dishes of poor or good quality, and inVico House Deco, we have the best.

    Also, consider that choosing a particular style of tableware (nordic, vintage, etc.) is not exclusive to have a completely different one in the cupboard. And since taste is in variety, we encourage you to take a look at our exclusive collection of crockery and plates.