At Vico House Deco we also have a furniture store , know our section where you will find all the furniture available to dress your house, deco, or home decor.

    You can find a wide variety of furniture from our different suppliers, bedside table , cupboard, pantry, wall display, shelf, bench. All this can be from different materials, from wood, iron.

    The Wooden furniture , at our Online store , we seek that they are always of recycled wood , our different suppliers recover it from scaffolding or buildings that have been demolished.

    We also have furniture of our own design, handmade or vintage, in addition each one will be with the necessary information to know if it requires assembly or not, and the way in which we send it.

    nordic furniture

    The good of thenordic furniture is that they are versatile and adapt to any style of decoration. So it is not strictly necessary that thestyleof your home is Nordic to combine with your nextTV cabinet, the bedside table you have been looking for for a long time or theliving room furniture Finnish maple wood that you have your eye on. Everything will look great on him and make you feel good.

    Nordic style furniture: design and functionality

    Thenordic designIt has crossed borders and has crept into our lives some time ago.

    Perhaps due to the influence of the Swedish giant (the one with a blue and yellow logo) when presenting this style ofdecor, or perhaps because it was inevitable that a comfortable, functional and simple style like theNordicOne way or another, it will reach our homes.

    InVico House Deco we have it clear: we like everythingNordic.That's why in our catalognordic furniture you will find an exclusive and sustainable collection that is far from the standard.

    Give your rooms a bath of boreal light at the hands of ournordic furniture and convert yourkitchen, yourliving room or youdinning room in spaces that exude style and calm.