nordic style christmas decoration

    TheChristmasIt is one of the times of the year that we like the most inVico House Deco, but not only because it is a fantastic opportunity to redecorate the house (also), but becauseChristmasit means family reunions, moments with friends, lots of lights, a good atmosphere and, of course, gifts, lots of gifts!!

    That's why, fromVico House Deco, we want to give you a series of tips so that yourChristmas decoration be as warm and welcoming as possible, making your home radiate calm, harmony and well-being. This is the most characteristic feature of ourdecoration style Favourite:the nordic style.

    Tips for having a Nordic Christmas decoration

    Christmas special: tips to decorate your home in the purest Nordic style

    Christmas special: decorate your house in a Nordic key

    Ideas for a nordic style christmas decoration

    Talk aboutscandinavian styleis to talk about order, simplicity and functionality. Amplitude, luminosity and neutral colors.

    Thenordic style christmas decoration is not far from that of the rest of the year, since the concept on which this style is based does not change: it seeks to recreate calm environments with soft shapes and decorative elements of natural origin that convey calm, a sense of security, comfort and, above all, , warmth.

    Next, we leave you 3 tips so that this Christmas you learn to decorate your house, to the purest scandinavian style!

    1. SpecialChristmas decoration: get thescandinavian christmas come to your room

    If you want yourliving roombecome a warm placenordic look and cozy, keep in mind that it is the small details that will make the spirit of theChristmassubtly installed in your living room.

    For example, you can use blankets of wool or another loving fabric to cover the sofas and thus enhance the feeling of winter. You can choose to decorate your tree with some conventional balls or somes Christmas balls like the ones we have in the catalogVico House Deco: with exclusive designs and elegant colors such as gold, black and, of course, natural and white.

    Another decorative element that cannot be missing in yournordic christmas style living room is the light. In any format is always welcome. You can integrate it in the form ofgarland of lights or ofcandles of different sizes and shapes. As for colors, here we suggest red to create thatChristmas atmosphere and comfortablewe search withnordic decoration, although we continue betting on nude, gray or gold as top colors.

    ¡oh! And the crowns The ones made of pine, pineapples or lights are very good. But one metallic crown like this, it's another level ;).

    1. SpecialChristmas decoration:the nordic style sits at the table

    All (or almost all) inChristmas spin around the table. Except for the moment of gifts, which has its space reserved under the tree, the axis of family gatherings takes place at a table.. 

    The table is a place to chat, laugh and cry, but above all to share. That is why it is interesting that thenordic decoration of your table is beautiful, but also practical and comfortable. That it does not disturb the guests at the time of eating or communicating.

    In the nordic christmas decoration - how could it be otherwise - the table acquires an important weight and must be decorated with taste and maintaining harmony with the environment. Without forgetting that the real protagonists are the guests and the food!a!

    to decorate yourchristmas tableto the purestnordic style, we recommend you start by choosing a nice tableware. Or for some reasonChristmasor winter, or with single-color plates that give a pleasant and sophisticated touch to the composition. We recommend you take a look at ourtableware collection, maybe you find something that fits yourscandinavian style christmas table…

    Refering toglassware and cutlery, we suggest you combine glasses andcut glass goblets with agold colored tableware to achieve a cheerful and exclusive styling.

    If you don't want to make a mistake with the choice oftable linen in the assembly of yournordic style christmas table, Remember that less is more. Between the tablecloth, the napkins and the crockery, there must be a balance and a certain sense in terms of colors and materials. If you decide to incorporate a contrast element, try to make it fit and pleasant.

    In this case, you can resort to what never fails:the pieces of natural origin. include some dried flowers center shaped or choosewood or wicker as an extra decorative element it is, without a doubt, a success and almost amust in thenordic style tables.

    1. SpecialChristmas decoration: Magic nordic the candlelight

    the light andnordic decoration they always go hand in hand. The natural absence of this inNordic countries makes them have to generate it artificially, looking for a way to create spacess warm and welcoming with the resources they have in their hands.

    Thecandles, thelamps wavesgarlands They are the great allies of thenordic decoration and they have a very special role when winter comes. Lighting is already a magical resource in itself, but inChristmas it becomes an essential element to create environments and accompany moments.

    we can't think aboutChristmas Ynordic decoration without the presence ofcandles, our little luminous allies! Candles purify the environment, calm, beautify rooms and give life and light to every corner of the house. But alson lamps or garlands of lights They can help us achieve that warm and welcoming environment that we are looking for whendecorate our home in the nordic style.

    VisitVico House Decoand find everything you need to get one100% nordic christmas decoration.¡Whoo, whoo, whoo!