¿nordic decoration,retro or minimalist Industrial, classic or rustic styleco?

    InVico House Decowe believe that thedecor What you choose for your home is an extension of your own personality, the moment you live in and how you feel.

    That is why for us home is a reflection of who you are. Hence the importance of decorating it according to your tastes and needs.s.

    But style, like personality, is constantly evolving and, of course, is sensitive to change. So if today you bet on one nordic decoration, tomorrow you prefer avintage styleor in a few months you want to add to your space some details ofdecor with romantic overtones, here you will find a super varied collection of articles decoration for youhome.

    So that you let your imagination run wild and adapt each space of the house to your lifestyle.

    We feel a certain devotion for thenordic decoration. And you, what is the style that best suits you?go? 

    Speaking of Nordic style, you know what it is and what its roots are? 

    The nordic decorationIt has its origin in the Scandinavian countries, mainly in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

    This trend stems from the need to reflect as much as possible the scarce natural light that these regions receive in winter. that in thenordic decoration the colors are light and neutral is no coincidence. It is a way to make up for this absence of light by creating larger and brighter spaces.

    ¿What colors and materials are used in Nordic decoration 

    The white color is the central axis on which thenordic decoration. It is used together with nude colors to decorate the different rooms of the house, thus creating a style that is uniform in the home, that conveys simplicity, spaciousness and warmth.

    On the other hand, natural resources are also vital pieces in the nordic decorationwhen it comes to giving life to the different environments. in the furniture ofnordic stylethe great protagonist is wood, and the designs of each piece are characterized by using straight lines and without much flourish. Thus achieving functional, clear and tidy environments.

    ¿How to get a nordic style decoration 

    Take a look at our catalog ofdecor It is the first step ;)

    our collectiondecoration It is varied and very versatile, so you can find objects or decorative elements that turn your house into a home ofnordic style that nothing has to envy to the houses of Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki.

    whatever you arestyle, in Vico House Deco we have the accessories you need to give yourliving room bedroom eitherkitchen the look you want. Eithernordic or vintage.

    The one that transmits calm and security and with which you feel comfortable.