Baskets and baskets for storage and decoration

    Baskets and baskets for storage and decoration

    Items of basketry rattanThey are the most. And their multi-use capability makes them an must for your house.

    Thewicker baskets They work great as decorative elements, but they are also perfect items for thestorage.

    As we see inVico House Deco, the wicker baskets They are handcrafted boxes that serve to store your favorite objects (and the not so much) and, in turn, also function as decorative pieces that adorn your experiences and experiences.

    ThebasketsThey are beautiful and functional and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    The same for a field trip to store and organize your magazines. Also as vases or as log holders. And also, why not, to hide what you do not want to be seen…

    Either way, if what you want is to dress up corners or embellish moments, your house needs wicker!!

    Choose yours among thedecorative baskets Ybaskets storagefrom our collection.

    ¿Why buy wicker baskets?

    In addition to its versatility and usability, thewicker baskets -according to their design and size - they can give you different services according to your needs.

    InVico House Deco we havewicker baskets with handles and without handles,wicker baskets with lid or without it andwicker basketsfrom different shapes and dimensions: basketslarge, medium and small orbasketsround and square.

    ¡Choose yours!