Stylish bathrooms, relaxing moments

    The bath It is the quintessential space for intimacy in a house, so we must try to make it as welcoming as possible within the possibilities that it gives us.

    We explain:

    The ideal in abathis that it has a window or at least an access point of natural light. This is obviously not always possible, but sinceVico House Decowe can help you decorate yourbath so that you can enjoy a bright, simple space full of nuances. As is the case, for example, in thenordic style bathrooms or in theindustrial style bathrooms.

    Dive into ouronline collection ofcomplements and accessories for bathroomsand choose from hundreds of products that fit you.

    ¿How to create a nordic style bathroom?

    Less is usually more, especially when it comes totoilets.

    In order to create an environment that evokes tranquility and calm in yourbath, thenordic style is the great ruler of decoration.

    Thetoilets with a Scandinavian appearance, they stand out for their straight lines and geometric shapes in the different furniture modules, and also for the pastel or neutral colors and the use of light as a decorative and functional resource.

    Natural elements are always welcome innordic style bathrooms: wood, plants, candles and accessories only the right ones. Choose simple accessories that do not overload the space and break the harmony of the room..