Air freshener and fragrances for the home

    ¿Did you know that smell is one of the most sensitive senses of human beings? 

    Our olfactory memory is evocative and lasting, like ourhome air fresheners. Thanks toscents, odors or fragranceswe can travel through time and remember a place, a person or remember a special moment.

    InVico House Decowe want to make it easy for you to create a comfortable environment for you and a memorable one for others. Find in ourfragrances for home the best perfume for your moments (and your new memories).

    ¿Why choose our home air fresheners?

    In the catalog ofhome air fresheners ofVico House Deco, you'll findfragrances for your home all types. So that your living space also breathes your essence.

    Whether in the form ofdiffuser, spray or as a mikado air freshener; what best suits your style, your way of being and your personality.

    Choose theperfect fragrance for your homeand feel at home just by opening the door…