Tricks to always have a tidy house

Trucos para tener siempre la casa ordenada

We all know that a tidy house It is the best ally of interior design. For this reason, we want to share with you the keys so that order reigns in it. With them, your home will look much more spacious and comfortable.

A clean and tidy house is synonymous with well-being. In fact, it has been proven that order helps us reduce stress and improves the quality of sleep. Plus, it allows you to find everything much faster. Do you really need more reasons to end the clutter?

The time has come to say goodbye

Just thinking about how to keep your house clean can be quite overwhelming. There are so many rooms and things to store! The smartest thing is Start by leaving out what you don't use. After all, continuing to save it will only waste time and space.

Who doesn't remember Marie Kondo? It may not be necessary to stick to their rigorous theories, but you can always stick with the essence. So, before you start tidying and cleaning, get rid of everything that no longer has a place in your life. Recycling, sale and donation They are options to take into account when giving a second chance to what you have left over.

Papers out

Letters, magazines, brochures, tickets … It is clear that papers are the biggest enemies of an orderly house. Fortunately, preventing them from giving you a dirty and chaotic look is as easy as put everything in its place:

  • Maybe the time has come to throw away that supermarket receipt that has been on your table for more than 1 month, don't you think? Throw it in the paper bin Susan unceremoniously!
  • Use a magazine rack as Tomi to keep your magazines organized and at hand.
  • He card sorter Faith It will come in handy to clear the surface of your desk or dresser.

Take advantage of the walls

The so-called vertical organization is very useful when it comes to keeping our house tidy. The coat racks, hangers and shelves They are ideal for clearing the surface of tables, countertops and consoles. Can you imagine all the space you will free up with Vika , Justine either Ava ? You will have your things in sight and it will be much easier for you to access them.

Having the house tidy is a matter of routine

The secret to making a house always look tidy is work on it every day. In reality, it is enough to dedicate between 10 and 15 minutes a day to this task for your home to look absolutely spotless.

  • make the bed before leaving home.
  • Put away clothes and shoes as soon as you get home.
  • Put it Dirty clothes in a specific container.
  • Order sofa cushions and blankets before you go to sleep.
  • Pick up the household items after eating and wash it immediately or put it in the dishwasher.

Grouping: vital to keep the house organized

Keeping your house tidy is incompatible with having all your things scattered around. Gather them in common places It will allow you to visually clear the surfaces of your home.

There are rooms (like the kitchen and bathrooms) that are particularly prone to clutter. In these cases, it can be very useful for you to have boats (like Ingrid ) and trays (like Arelly ) to deposit the smallest things.

Use logic

Far from being a flash in the pan, the purpose of having your house clean and tidy should be maintained over time. What's the point of leaving everything super organized if you're going to have it all together after a week? Use your head to maintain that order that has cost you so much to achieve.

  • Store everything in place where you are going to use it.
  • Always have on hand the things you need you use more frequently.
  • Classify your clothes by color to make it easier to find.
  • If you keep your things in boxes, remember to label them to know what they contain without having to open them.
  • When saving an object, prevents this from hindering access to another.
  • When you finish using something, save it immediately.
  • Involves the whole family in the task of keeping the house clean and tidy.
  • Avoid compulsive purchases so as not to accumulate more than you really need. If one thing enters your home, another should leave it.

End the chaos of your dressing table

Cosmetics and jewelry tend to accumulate on our dresser giving it a neglected appearance. Consequently, it is advisable deposit them in items specifically designed for them (As the Wash toiletry bag or the Beauty jewelry box ). With them, you can keep your makeup and jewelry in optimal condition, and you can take them with you whenever you need them.

Boxes, magazine racks, shelves... Of course, Having a tidy house is very easy when you have good storage. Everything you need to keep your things perfectly organized is in our catalog on-line. Why don't you take a look?

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