Tips to renovate your living room

Tips para renovar tu salón

We want to give you some tricks to give a fresh and renewed air to your living room, sometimes we don't know very well what to do in it, we want to give it a change but we are not sure if it will look good or not even know where to start.

Well, stay with some or all of these tricks to give that change to the room.

Here we go!

*Dare with a single color;

Many times we have different shades on the walls, if you have gotten tired and need a more harmonious, calm environment, with more light and that looks like a larger room, bet on using a single tone for the walls, and depending on the natural light you have and m2, but the color range of neutrals will be a guaranteed success, a natural base color such as beige, stone, light gray are ideal for combining with furniture, decorative accessories and textiles.

  • Give a new look to your furniture;

Whether you have a special piece of furniture but you no longer like its color, either because it is dark or because you already painted it in its day, but if you like the furniture itself and more when it is a special piece, renew it with paint, today there is a wide range of colors and brands to paint our furniture and give it a fresh and renewed look.

If you decide to paint the walls in a light shade, you can try painting that piece of furniture in a medium color like gray or taupe for a more sober style.  or dare with a bright tone to give extra color to the room.

*Provide a warm atmosphere with lamps;

I don't know what kind of lighting you have, if ceiling lights or hanging lamps, but make a change in  lighting is key, it will look like another totally different room. Fashions and styles are changing and maybe you need that change in your living room.

A table lamp next to the sofa or in a corner of the buffet furniture in the dining room will give a lot of personality and you will create a very cozy corner.

  • clear the walls;

Little is better but a good selection, now the fact of having the walls full and full of paintings and other objects is not so popular, now minimalism is more popular, if you like to have a painting or important piece that is the one who takes it the leading role but not that it is surrounded by many elements. Now it is a super trend even if you look empty and are only decorated with moldings of the same color as the background. Everyone chooses their decorative style but if you like to keep up to date with the latest in decoration, this is key information.😉

*Textiles, our best allies ;

¿Give a new air to your sofa?

Bet on changing the cushions, combining different sizes, textures and colors and you will see what a difference!

You can also place a topper on your sofa that is now a trend and brings comfort and style to the sofa.

When we mention textiles, curtains also come into play, ideally they should be airy and translucent to let in as much light as possible and give a casual touch with curtains that even touch the ground. Depending on the size of the room, the size of the windows, you may like and fit a blind-type curtain better, there are also natural fabrics that also add warmth and style to the room.

The curtains and textiles in general, including blankets and plaids, always in addition to comfort, dress and complete the decoration of the room.

*Comfort with rugs ;

Another line of textiles that are key to dressing the living room are rugs, the comfort you feel with them is unmatched.

Place a wool rug for maximum comfort and be combinable with everything or use natural fibers such as Jute to give that more rustic and natural air to the living room.

Be that as it may, the rugs give a significant change to the room.

With these small changes that you can make and incorporate, you will see the great change that you will give to your dining room, you know, bet on the natural, timeless designs, neutral colors and details that make a difference.

With little we do a great deal.

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