Deco trends for 2023ūü™ě

Tendencias deco para 2023ūü™ě

Take note of some decoration trends for this new year 2023, we love being up to date and we want to explain everything to you!



¬Ņhow are you?

Now back to normality, to the routine and with new ideas and purposes, today we want to talk to you about the deco trends for this year.

In our opinion, everyone decorates their home in their own style regardless of the trends and fashions of the moment. The place where we live, where we spend our most valuable and quality time, our home, we have to achieve  that brings us that balance and that peace and  leave behind all that day-to-day stress and feel the calm and above all the freedom of being at home, our refuge.

But even if they are small brushstrokes, it is always good to keep up to date with what this year is going to have more prominence and more if you are here, it is because you like the decoration, it moves you and we love that ;)

So, the first thing we would tell you is what we like to say so much and we will not get tired of it;

Make your home your favorite place in the world.

It is the primary key, you are the one who decides how to have your  home, your space, your temple.


Neutral tones never fail

Neutral, natural environments that provide serenity are colors that will always be present in decoration, with them we feel calm and they are tones that are ideal for combinations, they are a sure hit, they are colors that link us with nature.

But deep colors, blues, earth tones, nude colors are also a trend  and especially in matt finishes.

You can incorporate all these shades  in decorative accessories such as cushions with prints in these shades, textiles such as rugs, curtains or plaids. In vases, figures and even sheets to frame. 

There are countless ways to incorporate these trending colors deeper and stronger.

The best of all is to try, stay with your favorite palette and play mixing, the important thing is that you continue to feel comfortable at home and when you enter you are invaded by a breath of fresh air. 



Plants, yes please!

Another of the trends that until now has not gone out of style are plants, they are always welcome, everything they bring us is not little, naturalness, freshness, light, joy and also  decorates spaces a lot, without neglecting  the benefits they bring us, refresh the environment and purify the air.

Place them according to your space, it is not a matter of filling the house with plants but in addition to placing them for example  At the entrance of the house, in the bathroom it gives us this touch of natural color, in the living room it always gives us a decorative extra and in the kitchen, some aromatics as well as color are ideal for cooking and transport us to the countryside with their aroma.

Look for which plants are best suited to your home, according to your space and natural light and ready to enjoy them ;)



rounded shapes are coming 

We have been seeing rounded and curved shapes in furniture, sofas and even arches on walls for some time, but it seems that now it is coming with more force. 

Lamps, rugs, cushions and decorative objects that tend to these curves will be a good option to follow this trend.


decorated walls

Not only with paintings, photos and wallpaper, decorating our walls with moldings is a trend that comes from afar, and for some time now it has become very visible in many homes.

At the entrance, in long corridors and now especially in the living room, on wide walls and as an original touch, on the wall of the bed, the part of the headboard. 

The result is incredible, we personally love this trend, it is very decorative as well as elegant and with a romantic touch, it transports us to Parisian environments.

This effect, in addition to being able to create it yourself and which will also have an even higher value, you can find wallpaper with this effect. Today we have many options 


And so far for today, these are some of the many trends that we will find this year. 

We are making a selection of beauties for this upcoming Spring/Summer collection and with this we will explain which colors, in addition to those mentioned today, come to stay and brighten up our homes.

Meanwhile, enjoy this season, everything you have and especially your homeūü§é

Good day!

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