Decoration trends for this summer 2023

Tendencias de decoración para este verano 2023

This summer is characterized by a combination of trends that include both the natural and organic as well as the technological and futuristic. The decoration trends for this summer focus on the fusion of the rustic and the modern to create a comfortable, cozy and functional space.

The decoration of this summer is based on the idea of "less is more", where simple and minimalist elements are used to create a functional and modern space. Natural materials like wood and stone are very popular, as are earthy colors and pastel tones.

The decoration trend for this summer is the use of plants and flowers. The presence of nature in homes is essential to create a fresh and relaxing environment. Also, plants and flowers are a great way to add color and texture to a space.

Another trend in decoration is the incorporation of technological elements, such as intelligent lighting and temperature control. Technology is integrated into home decor to create a futuristic and comfortable environment.

As for the colors, the trend is the use of pastel tones. Pastel tones are soft and relaxing, making them ideal for creating a calm and welcoming environment. Pastel tones also pair well with plant and flower décor, creating visual harmony in the space.

Wooden furniture is very popular in the decoration of this summer. Wood is a natural and durable material that is perfectly suited to modern and rustic spaces. Wooden furniture can be customized to suit any style of decoration.

Lighting is also important in decoration. The trend is indirect lighting, using LED lights and lighting strips. Indirect lighting is perfect for creating a relaxing and soft atmosphere in the home.

Wall decoration is another important trend. The walls can be decorated with wallpaper, murals, paintings and other decorative elements. Decorated walls can be a great way to create a personalized atmosphere in any space.

In summary, the decoration trends for this summer 2023 focus on the fusion of the natural and the technological, on the simplification of decorative elements and the integration of nature in homes. Pastel tones, wooden furniture and indirect lighting are the main trends to create a relaxing and modern atmosphere in any home.

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