🪞 Feng Shui for our homes

<span class="s1">🪞</span><b>Feng Shui para nuestros hogares</b>

¿You put the well-known Feng Shui method into practice in your home. Today we give you some tips, don't miss them!!


  ¿How are you?

As we have already told you, today we want to give you some tips to decorate with the Feng Shui technique.

Surely you already put some tips into practice, perhaps without knowing it, and be that as it may, you will agree with us that when our homes breathe order and calm, it affects us very positively, the peace that we feel is incomparable.😊

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that seeks to create harmony and balance in the environment through the arrangement of furniture and objects. It is based on finding balance and bringing positive energy to our homes. Here are some recommendations for decorating your home according to Feng Shui:

  1. Clean and clear the space: Before you start decorating, it is important to clean and clear the space to remove any negative energy, and thus make the energy flow properly.
  2. Use natural colors: Feng Shui recommends the use of natural colors such as white, beige, brown, and gray. (The tones that we like the most in Vico)😄 These colors help create a relaxed and calm environment.
  3. Use natural elements: Nature is a great source of positive energy, so it is recommended to use natural elements such as plants, flowers, candles and  stones in the decoration, as well as natural fabrics for example in blankets, cushions and curtains.
  4. Promotes natural lighting: Natural light is essential for Feng Shui, so it is recommended to promote natural lighting in the home, if not natural, enhance it with hanging, wall or table lamps.
  5. Avoid clutter: Clutter creates a chaotic and unbalanced environment, so it is recommended to avoid it at all times. Putting a full-fledged Marie Kondo into practice.
  6. Choose furniture and objects that inspire you: Finally, it is important to choose furniture and objects that inspire you and make you feel good in your home and let us tell you, as we always say, we have the necessary tools to make it possible.😁

There are many more super interesting tips and data, if you liked it and want more content about this technique you can write to us to let us know. And so for future newsletter we will share it with you..

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A super hug! 

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