rustic to power

Rústico al poder

Today we delve a little into this decorative style that is present in many homes, surely you already know what pieces you have to take into account to create your own style, but as we always say, knowing more does not take up space;) they can always be removed ideas that help us when decorating our homes.

Wooden objects, vegetable fibers, handmade pieces and reclaimed wood with their unique marks that enhance beauty and character.

Today we have a wide variety of pieces, wooden or fiber objects with which to decorate our spaces, our homes, to give that extra warmth, this country house style or to enhance the decoration of your home with unique and exclusive pieces.

For each room in your house you can add rustic touches to decorate and enhance this style in your home.

  • From smaller pieces and objects for the kitchen and your day to day, such as table or kitchen accessories, spoons, cutting boards, serving cutlery, trays, fruit bowls, graters…
  • We continue with bowls, vases, and decorative objects made by hand and with (perfect) imperfections with which placing them where you can see them, will bring exclusivity to your decoration and also these pieces, these materials, are a decorative pairing that generates well-being when moment.
  • In furniture there is an immense variety, from large to small furniture, cupboards, shelves, small pieces in which you will really hit the nail on the head as well as enhancing this rustic, artisan style, you will transmit calm and naturalness to your home.
  • Natural fibres, wicker, esparto, seaweed, rattan also come in, which today work wonders with them and their toasted tones make them even more beautiful and that we always want to have something at home with these characteristics, they create calm.
  • From rugs, baskets, lamps, boxes…
  • Also included in this style are pieces of clay, terracotta, in vases, bowls, and decorative objects that make the country house style even more special and unique.
  • And let's not forget the textiles, soft and organic cottons, whether in your sheets, in the blanket on the sofa or linen, that its own wrinkle says it all, character, personality, strength and a lot of style!
  • The textile is very varied, we can also use these fabrics for tablecloths, curtains, cushions, also making mixtures of textures and prints, squares, lines, floral and plain, of course, and everything that includes Home

As you can see, there are many keys that you can touch to create this decorative style for your home.

Whether in small doses or as the protagonist of the entire house or room.

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