Charming reading corners:the best ideas for your decoration

Rincones de lectura con encanto: las mejores ideas para su decoración

Reading is a pleasure. Immersing ourselves in a good novel, or in a comic, takes our mind to fantastic places that allow us to escape from our reality for a few minutes and help us relax. The experience will be even better if we can enjoy charming reading corners.

Spaces designed and decorated specifically to make it very pleasant to immerse yourself in fictional stories or stories based on real events. Let's see how the ideal place to read should be.

How should a reading corner be?

find a quiet place

Before starting to think about the decoration of the reading corner, the first thing we have to do is find the perfect space in our home to install it.

Reading is an activity that requires concentration. So,the quieter the chosen place, the better. You can install it in a passage area, for example, in the hole that is just under the stairs, or in an area of common use, such as in theliving room. You can even install it directly in your room.

The important thing is that it be a space where you know you will feel comfortable and you will be able to enjoy reading without too many distractions.

Pay attention to lighting

Another aspect to take into account, perhaps the most important of all when installing a reading corner in the living room, or in another space in your house, is theillumination. If the chosen place does not have much light, or this is not adequate, no matter how good the book is, you will not last long submerged between its pages.

Be sure to choose an area that has agood natural lighting. Also, you must have aartificial light source at your disposal. It can be a ceiling lamp, a floor lamp, or a small table lamp.

Keep your books very close

Charming reading corners are something very personal. But decoration experts advise that these be as close as possible to the shelves where the books are. A true aficionado of reading, there is no place where you will feel better than where you are surrounded by your favorite works. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, place the reading corner near the bookcase.

Tips to decorate your reading corner

Now that you have found the perfect space, you can start decorating the reading corner. The items you can add depend on the amount of space available. However, even in a small area you can create a very cozy reading area.

Choose a good sofa or armchair

The first thing you need is something to sit on. If there is enough space you can install a sofa or a divan. If the gap is smaller, you will get a good result with a comfortable chair that you can complement with a footrest.

Give warmth of home to your corner

In winter, you will be able to bring an extra touch of warmth to your personal space if you add a nice rug. The cotton ones are light and pretty and fit perfectly into all kinds of decorative styles. Although those made of natural fabrics such as jute are also a good alternative. The latter have the added advantage that you can have them on even in summer.

don't forget theauxiliary furniture

Next to the seating area it would be advisable to install asmall side table. It will come in handy to have your next reading close by, to leave the cup of coffee or tea that you enjoy while you devour the book you have in your hands, etc.

If space is an issue,try replacing the side table with a small stool. It fulfills the same function and, in addition, it is very original.

Give importance to textiles

To enjoy books you need to be as comfortable as possible, so don't forget to include in your reading corner somecushion. These textiles fulfill a decorative function and, at the same time, offer you good support for your back when you are going to spend some time sitting down.

If you don't want the cold to be a problem, make sure you always have a auxiliary blanket. In spring you can replace it with aplaid light to be able to resort to if you notice that the temperature drops.

Includes some accessories

Taking advantage of the fact that you have installed a small side table next to your sofa or reading chair, integrate it into the decoration to make your reading space even more pleasant. You can do it easily with the help of a vase and some pretty dried flowers. Thus, even when you are not using your corner to read, this will be one more space within your home.


To create charming reading corners, the trick is to choose elements that are in accordance with your tastes and your needs, but without abusing them. The space must be comfortable, practical and beautiful. Make sure not to over-decorate it and you will see that the results are spectacular.

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