What is the Provençal style and how to apply it in your home decoration

Qué es el estilo provenzal y cómo aplicarlo en la decoración de tu hogar

The Provence style in interior design is inspired by the region of Provence, located in the south of France. It is characterized by its rustic, warm and cozy look. Below, we give you some keys to transfer it to your home.

What is Provencal style

The Provençal style can be defined as rustic, romantic and vintage. In Provence there are rural spaces full of vineyards and extensive lavender fields, which gives this area exceptional natural beauty. Over time, This beauty has been reflected in the decoration of many homes, and has given rise to the provencal style, which is a mixture of classic elements, vintage and shabby chic

Features of the Provence style

The lifestyle of this bright French region is reflected in gardens and kitchens that are tended with great care and affection. The gardens They stand out for their luxuriance, with vineyards, fruit trees, pergolas to enjoy the summer outside... The kitchens They are usually spacious and cozy, designed for enjoyment, with visible utensils, sturdy tables and cupboards made of stripped wood that proudly display the wear and tear of time.

This style, often described as “decadence chic,” originated in the 16th and 17th centuries, when peasants in the region began to imitate the furniture of the nobility. For this, they used wood, a more economically accessible material, and through turned and carved decorations, They made it more elegant.

The Provençal style experienced great popularity in Europe during the 19th century. Many bourgeois of the time felt attracted by the atmosphere of simplicity and tranquility that characterized the towns in the south of France, as well as their houses with whitewashed stone walls, exposed wooden ceilings, natural fabrics, full of flowers and fertile gardens with cozy corners.

If you like this style, you can have a Provence-style house, even if you live in an apartment in the big city. You just have to pay attention to certain details.

Keys to decorating a house in the Provençal style

Below, we leave you some keys to achieve that Provençal decoration that can help you achieve spaces with a lot of style and charm.

Natural floors, walls and ceilings

The walls can be smooth, untreated or with old stone techniques that enhance the rustic look. The floors are ideal with wooden slats either terracotta tiles, that provide warmth. The ceilings can have exposed or painted wooden beams, or be plain in the color of the walls.

The kitchen as the protagonist

In Provençal houses, The kitchen is the heart of the home. It should be spacious and have a large wooden table, accompanied by wooden chairs for family gatherings and enjoying healthy and natural dishes.


This flower is iconic in the Provençal style. Use it throughout the house, from vases and pots to decorations on the bed, to fill spaces with its aroma and color. You can also place other flowers , natural or dried, because flowers are essential in a Provençal house.

The color of Provence

It uses white in its various shades, combined with earth colors, oranges, pinks, mauves and blues in textiles, walls and objects to create an atmosphere of serenity. Gray and green, preferably in pale tones , are also two very typical colors of Provence. They are relaxing, natural colors and combine wonderfully with the violet of lavender. Bet on them for some furniture, some of the walls, textiles or decorative elements.


Motif wallpapers natural or floral They are classics in Provençal decoration and can be incorporated in various areas, from the hall to the bathrooms.

Wooden or wrought furniture

Search furniture solid and natural wood, painted in soft colors or with stripped finishes. Pieces such as cupboards, drawers, display cabinets and clothing closets are essential. Combine them with wrought iron furniture to lighten the space.

vintage mirrors

The vintage mirrors They bring light and spaciousness to the rooms. Place them strategically to reflect natural light.

Soft and light textiles

Use cotton textiles in soft colors for quilts, covers, cushions , curtains and tablecloths. These textiles contribute to the feeling of warmth.

Decorative accessories

Look for antiques such as pieces of glass, iron, ceramics, vases, embroidered tablecloths, trunks, wicker baskets or crockery to enhance the country atmosphere and add a touch of charm to your Provençal decoration.


Light and luminosity play a fundamental role in the Provençal style. Provence is known for its beautiful and sunny natural landscape. The natural light inside the house reflects the beauty of the region and creates a connection with nature that is characteristic of this style. To enhance this effect, choose light curtains or curtains that let in light and help create a truly welcoming atmosphere.

If you follow these tips you can give your home that Provençal style so cozy and full of charm that we like so much. Do you dare to try it?

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