The basic elements of a crockery:what you need for your new home

Los elementos básicos de una vajilla qué necesitas para tu nuevo hogar

If you want to have your home ready, you must know the elements of acrockery complete. It is something essential both for the inhabitants of the house and for the guests and it also provides that distinctive and characteristic touch marked by elegance.

Find out what a crockery contains and get all the pieces in your home to stand out.

What elements can not miss in your crockery

It is one of the things that are often overlooked in the times in which we live and that is why it is increasingly important to know the tableware in depth. In this way, you will provide your home with a distinctive, as well as functional, air that will be very useful in your day-to-day life.

How many pieces does a tableware have?

Traditional crockery is made up of plates, one of the elements that cannot be missing, as well as somecovered that combine with these dishes to get a complete set.

In addition, you cannot forget to include other differential and useful elements such asglasses and cups and thecoffee sets and tea, which will become the protagonists of breakfasts and snacks in your home.

Types of dishes for your tableware

The dishes, in turn, have different types of interesting dishes that you have to know in order to get the complete set.

Although there are many crockery plates, three essential models stand out that cannot be missing in the most classic set:

  • Deep plates: They have a diameter between 21 and 25 centimeters and are concave in shape. In them, liquid foods such as soup or creams can be introduced.
  • Flat plates: these are the best known. They usually have a diameter similar to that of the deep ones and it is one of the most basic pieces, since all kinds of food can be served in them.
  • Dessert plates: smaller in size, with a diameter between 14 and 20 centimeters, it is also an important dish to close a good meal.

essential cutlery

The cutlery that cannot be missing from your dishes are those that combine with the dishes. In this case, there is also a minimum of elements to form an exception set:

  • Forks: Although you can choose to have a classic fork for everything, you can include fish, salad or dessert.
  • spoons: It is another essential element and they differ between soup, dessert or coffee spoons.
  • Knives: in this case, you have to have different knives for meat, for fish and for spreads.

Cups and sets of coffee and tea

As for the glasses, a good crockery will be complete when it has the following elements:

  • Basic vessels: those that are used to drink water or any other type of beverage.
  • Glasses of cava or dessert: those used to toast, especially when we share food.
  • Wine glasses: they are the best known and are differentiated into those of red and white wine.

If we talk about coffee sets, they are one of the best elements to complete a good tableware. In this sense, two types are distinguished:

  • Big Size Games: Composed of large bowls suitable for breakfast or snack.
  • small games: those with whom you drink the cut, black coffee or tea.

How to choose the ideal crockery for your home

Now that you know the basics, you are probably wondering how to choose a tableware for your home. To make the best decision, it is good to take into account some tips that will be very useful to you.

know the space

Before buying crockery, it is good to know both the space where you are going to store it and the table where you are going to place it. Thus, take action to acquire the one that best suits your needs.

White and porcelain, the classic that does not fail

On the other hand, if you do not want to fail in your choice, it is best to opt for minimalism and classic. In this sense, the white crockery made of porcelain stands out. elegant and functional It will also look good in any home.

Take into account the number of diners

The number of diners is also important so as not to overbuy and not fall short. Count all your possible guests if you gathered them all at the table and bet to cover that number with the items you purchase.

Stay true to your style

Finally, your crockery is a functional but also decorative element in your home. Therefore, it is always important to choose the one that suits your style and that reflects what you want in your home, being one more part of you.

 As you can see, the elements of a complete tableware are not too many. If you want to make a difference, it's time to get those that best suit your tastes and needs to achieve a result that reflects your personality.

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