Shall we talk about decorative styles?🪞

¿Hablamos de estilos decorativos?🪞

Today we want to talk to you about 3 decorative styles that are found in many homes, there are 3 styles that have something in common, lots of natural light.☀️


¿How are you?

Today we want to talk to you about 3 decorative styles that are always present in many homes. Nordic, Minimal or Mediterranean style. The 3 of us love them above all because they have something in common and it is a lot of natural light.

We already talked a few weeks ago about another 3 styles that move us, Rustic, Vintage and Cottage style.

If you missed it, here we leave you thedirect link.

Well here we go, take note📝


nordic style

It is one of the trending styles and that over the years continues to be on the rise. It is a decorative style that arises from the Scandinavian countries and focuses on functionality and minimalism at the same time, thus creating soft, subtle and welcoming spaces. Comfort and natural light are important parts to take into account in order to fully achieve this beautiful style.

The color palette used for this style on walls, furniture, and decorative elements are mainly white, beige, and gray, that is, light colors to provide more light.

The furniture is characterized by its simplicity, but always looking for warmth and comfort in the environment.

It is also important to mention that the furniture has good storage, in this way everything is stored, hidden and thus there is no visual clutter, relaxed environments that provide peace are key to this decorative style, and well, it is important to take it into account for a greater comfort.

Textiles cannot be forgotten and with them we complete the decoration of our home.

Organic materials, cotton, wool, linen and above all that are warm fabrics..


Minimalist style


This style is perfect especially for lovers of order and if you like more sober spaces and simplicity it is the perfect style.

It is a style related to the United States  that stands out in the 70s. It is characterized by simplifying all the elements of the home to the maximum, opting for the essential furniture.

The different elements of this style create cozy environments with the materials, colors and textiles used.

The feeling of having a lot of space is key to having a minimalist decoration, open and diaphanous spaces.

Order is always present in every decorative style, but when we talk about the minimal style it is essential to also have the feeling of cleanliness and purification.

As for colors, neutrals, white, gray and black stand out as contrast.

Bold colors are often found in special pieces, accessories, or works of art.


Mediterranean style

As a protagonist we can say of this style, the light that evokes us, the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea.

This decorative style is based on the Mediterranean coastal areas where light, color and freshness have in common.

To achieve the main objective, is to maximize the entry of natural light, thick fabrics should be avoided, curtains, for example, better in fabrics  light and translucent.

The placement of the furniture is important so that it does not prevent the entry of natural light, so do not place the furniture near the windows.

The light and cheerful colors will evoke these Mediterranean areas.

White walls, sand colors, blue are the most suitable shades for this decorative style and to achieve a feeling of freshness, tile or ceramic floors are key.

As for the decorative elements, natural materials such as wicker, jute and esparto grass predominate. Recycled glass and clay are also essential materials and in aquamarine, olive green, ocher colors they will give that touch of color but always betting on the natural..


I hope you liked going deeper into these 3 decorative styles.

¿Do you identify with any of them??

Happy week☺️

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