Find the perfect decoration for your dining room

Encuentra la decoración perfecta para tu salón comedor

The decoration of the dining room , in general, also involves decorating the living room, since many homes tend to combine both spaces in the same place. Having a separate dining room can confer status, but a living-dining room is the most versatile and attractive option in modern homes. Therefore, if you are considering tearing down partitions and updating your space, giving it a new look or making it more comfortable and practical for day to day, these ideas for decorating the dining room can be very useful.

together but apart

Sharing space can be very interesting, as long as a certain visual autonomy is maintained. To achieve this, you can use "barrier furniture", such as a sofa or a low sideboard, which subtly delimit the spaces.

Another option is to install a sliding door that allows communication or privacy as desired at all times.

If you want to give the dining area its own identity, one idea is to paint one of the walls with a striking tone, such as black, navy blue or green. Another alternative to give a lot of personality to a specific area is the use of wallpaper. Dare to choose floral, botanical prints or the classic stripes, they never fail and add a unique touch!


In the dining area, the table is the great protagonist. Therefore, if we are planning a reform, the ideal would be to first choose the table and then adapt the rest of the elements to its design. However, the most common is that the space is already defined and we have to find a table that fits it.

When choosing the perfect dining table, it is important to keep in mind that each person needs at least 60 cm of width to be really comfortable, while, in terms of depth, about 40 cm is enough to fit the plate properly. , the glass or the cup.

There are different types of tables, from square, rectangular, oval, extendable, folding and also round tables. The latter are especially convenient when furnishing a small living-dining room, since they provide a feeling of spaciousness and fluidity to the space.

The couch

Choosing the right sofa largely depends on whether or not the living area has a television. In case of not having it, we have more freedom to place sofas and armchairs, ensuring that they are arranged so that people can look at each other and do not hinder the passage.

Keep in mind that, in general, each person occupies about 70-80 cm in width, so, depending on the number of family members or the level of comfort desired, a 240 cm sofa would be a suitable option, which which would correspond to a four-seater sofa or more.

In rooms with a rectangular floor plan, the width may not be very wide. Depending on this width, you can choose to place a single sofa attached to a wall or an L-shaped sofa.

play with furniture

To improve the distribution of the decoration of a rectangular dining room and avoid the "tube effect" you can resort to a strategic arrangement of the furniture. One option is to place them creating an imaginary square or play with the position of the coffee table or side table, moving it slightly with respect to the sofa.

In rectangular rooms, it is common to use the smallest wall to locate the furniture where the television will be placed. However, this provision forces the sofa to be placed in front of this piece of furniture, which would cause the living room to be hindered. In addition, when entering the room, the back of the sofa will be visible and transit through the room will not be comfortable.

To avoid this, it is recommended to find alternative places to place the television so that it is not necessary to place the sofa in the middle of the room. If you have no other options, you can consider replacing the sofa with a pair of comfortable armchairs that allow a fluid passage between them and that, at first glance, do not create as invasive a visual effect as a large sofa.

Elements to separate environments

How to decorate a dining room and separate environments without recharging the room? An effective solution to define spaces in dining room decoration is to place a rug under the coffee table, as this will help you visually define the dining area and, at the same time, add warmth and a cozy touch to the space. .

Floor lamps are another fantastic resource for creating special corners, such as a reading corner or, in this case, enhancing the dining area. They provide pleasant ambient lighting and help to give personality to different areas of the room.

As for plants, they are essential in home decoration and can also be used to differentiate environments.

seize the walls

You can take advantage of it by hanging shelves at different heights. By leaving the floor free, you will avoid the feeling of being boxed in and will allow you to move comfortably through the space, making it easier to sit down and get up without obstacles.

Shelves are an excellent option for displaying decorative items, books, personal belongings, or anything you want to keep in view. Also, by using different heights, you will create a visually interesting and attractive composition on the wall.

We hope that these tips for decorating the dining room serve as inspiration. Let your creativity flow and you will get a cozy space where you can enjoy your best moments.

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