Decorating with wicker baskets: 7 practical and beautiful ideas

Decorar con cestos de mimbre: 7 ideas prácticas y bonitas

Did you know that decorating with wicker baskets is in full trend? Wicker is a woody plant that belongs to the genus Salix and is characterized by growing in flooded soils. There are several types of wicker such as buff wicker, peeled wicker and the coarsest, unpeeled wicker. Each variety has its own characteristics and is used for the artisan production of different products such as baskets, baskets, trunks and different types of furniture and home accessories.

The use of wicker baskets and other natural fibers such as rattan and bamboo has become increasingly popular in interior decoration. They have a natural beauty that brings warmth and a living touch to any space. Furthermore, thanks to their appearance and unique texture, they are versatile pieces that They work in different decoration styles, from rustic to bohemian or Scandinavian.

If you like this type of baskets, but you don't really know where to put them or how to use them to decorate your home, take note of the following ideas.

1. Wicker baskets for the hall

You can use wicker baskets for the hall area. In addition to providing functionality to this small space, we give a more welcoming feeling to the entrance of the house.

Although it may not seem like it, there are many options. What to put inside a wicker basket? For example, you can use them to leave keys, coins, cell phone and those small objects that you need to have on hand when leaving home.

If space allows, you can use a large basket to store your slippers, organize magazines and newspapers, or even umbrellas.

2. Baskets as flower pots

Another option to decorate with a wicker basket is to use it to replace the classic ceramic planter. Choose a wicker basket that has the right size for your plant pot. It should be large enough to hold the pot without making it look overcrowded or too small.

3. You can leave the entire bathroom organized

Another area where you can take advantage of these elements to add a decorative touch and at the same time get extra space for storage is the bathroom.

You can place baskets on the shelves to organize neatly folded towels. They can also serve as a holder for toilet paper rolls and, of course, dirty clothes. If you choose small baskets, you can use them to store your products such as cosmetics, lotions, soaps, etc.

4. They can be key in the master bedroom

Wicker, bamboo, or wooden baskets and boxes are great tools for maintaining organization in drawers and closets. In addition to its practical function, They add a touch of style and charm to your storage spaces .

In a closet, you can use wicker baskets or boxes to group socks, underwear, scarves, belts or other accessories. They can also be ideal for storing bedding, such as, plaids , sheets and pillowcases.

Baskets in the children's room are an exceptional storage solution to keep their books and toys organized. In addition to decorating, They are very accessible for the little ones.

4. In the kitchen they help us with the decoration

In the kitchen, wicker baskets can also be a lot of fun and help decorate this space with a lot of charm.

They are ideal to store fresh fruits and leave them visible, and at hand, on the table, island or countertop. In addition to always having a piece of fruit within reach, the fruit itself can be used to decorate baskets. In the pantry, they can be useful for organizing canned foods, spice jars, storage bags. snacks and other dry products.

Place wicker baskets on open kitchen shelves. to store kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, spatulas and rolling pins. Likewise, you can use small baskets to place aromatic herb plants.

5. They also serve as a centerpiece

Small baskets can be used to create a charming composition and make a nice centerpiece for the dining room or the living room. The options are endless, since you can use all kinds of elements, such as dried flowers, pine cones, candles... The result can be spectacular.

6. For the baby's room

Natural fiber baskets are an excellent option for decorating the baby bedroom They provide warmth and are very comfortable to have baby products at hand, such as diapers, creams, bibs, or even for children's stories and stuffed animals.

7. Have you thought about decorating the walls?

Wicker baskets can also work very well to decorate the walls of your home. They can add a rustic, natural, country and cozy touch to the decoration of any room.

Cover an entire wall with wicker baskets, much better if they are small or tray-shaped baskets. Can use baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors to give visual variety. It can look especially good in a living room, dining room or hallway.

As you see, decorate with wicker baskets It can be very useful in any corner of your house. If our ideas have convinced you, we have all kinds of decoration products that you can use to improve the aesthetics of your home. Do not hesitate to take a look at our website to find the best decorative items.

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