Minimalist decoration for your living room:how to achieve this style in your home

Decoración minimalista para tu salón: cómo conseguir este estilo en tu hogar

The minimalist decoration of the living room has become a trend that is here to stay. Perfect for those who want a room with their own style, but without abusing the decorative elements at any time.

What is the minimalist style

There are many false beliefs about the minimalist style in decoration. There are those who believe that it is about leaving the rooms almost empty, so that the house loses all its personality. But that's not true.

Minimalism is a movement that emerged a century ago and that focuses on the maxim less is more. It seeks to simplify spaces as much as possible,, eliminating everything that is superfluous. In this way, the decoration of a minimalist house is reduced to the presence of the essential.

What prevails is functionality. In other words, everything that is present in the house is present because it has a purpose. For example, on the sofa in a minimalist living room there may be cushions, but only those that are really necessary to sit more comfortably.

Ideas to achieve a minimalist decoration in your living room

The ultimate goal is to achieve a harmonic and balanced room, with simple lines. A comfortable space in which you want to be and that, in no case, is overloaded with things you do not need.

Discreet colors for the walls

The minimalist decoration begins by choosing the most suitable tone for the walls. Since we are looking for something timeless, it is best to choose colors that areneutral and elegant. The most classic are beige, white and gray.

However, within this style we can also make some concessions to color, but always in a limited way. One idea is to highlight a wall with shades such as indigo blue or raspberry.

The sofa is the protagonist

The life we lead in the living room revolves around the sofa. It is the space where we rest after a hard day's work, but also where we chat with family or spend time with our friends.

In the minimalist decoration of the living room, the sofa is the real protagonist.It is the first piece of furniture you should choose. All the others will have to adapt to your style.

The key is to choose asober modelwith enough places so that the whole family can sit comfortably. If you need to include accessory seats, you can do it, but they do not suppose a competition for the sofa. That is to say, that they fit well with your style and that each piece of furniture can have its own space.o.

multifunctional furniture

In minimalism we bet on functionality and not having anything that is unnecessary. We can achieve this if we opt for furniture that is versatile and to which we can givedifferent uses.

For example, a well-chosen dining table and chairs can also become the perfect place to telecommute. While an ottoman can function as a coffee table and also as a seat when there are visitors at home.

A simple color range

When approaching a minimalist decoration you should not complicate yourself with the colors. You'll get better results if the color palette is simple, so stick toa pair of soft toned colors.

There are many interesting combinations like white and gray or white and earth tones. The good thing about limiting the color range, and reducing it to neutral tones, is that you make the decoration totally timeless.

The importance of natural light

Artificial lighting is just as important in a minimalist living room as it is in any other space. But, as we seek to minimize the presence of non-essential elements,We must enhance natural light, so we will have fewer lamps.

The best way to achieve this is to dress the windows withlight textiles. Curtains that let in as much light as possible.

As for artificial lighting, ceiling lamps should not be too flashy. In fact, in this case integrated spotlights work better, which go completely unnoticed. You can also use floor lamps to provide light in very specific areas, but these must fit in with the minimalist style.

Paintings yes, but in moderation

You can decorate the walls with paintings or prints, but in no case should you abuse them.The objective when using them is that they add a special touch to a certain corner, not that they become protagonists of the space they are filling. Therefore, reduce their number and try to choose designs that are not too loud.

Less, but better quality

In the minimalist decoration of the living room you will not need as many pieces of furniture or decorative elements as you do in other styles such asboho or the Nordic (to cite just a few examples). The good thing about this is that you can prioritize quality.

You will have to buy less furniture, textiles and decoration elements. As, in addition, they will all be timeless in style and will last you for many years, try to choose them of the highest quality. With a good choice, your minimalist living room will be perfect.

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