Decoration with candles:how to create a cozy home

Decoración con velas: cómo crear un hogar acogedor

Candle decoration is a trend that has not stopped growing in recent years, as it is an alternative that never goes out of style. With a little imagination and the right candles and candle holders, we can achieve impressive results that will make our house look much more welcoming.

Ideas to decorate with candles

¿Why decorate with candles??

Before looking at some alternatives, it is worth explaining a little why these elements have become so important in decoration.

The candles They were created at the time to illuminate, but today they also fulfill a decorative and even well-being function. They help create  comfortable and intimate spaces that encourage relaxation. If, in addition, they have a scent, the feeling of well-being that we experience when we turn them on is much greater.

It is clear that there are all advantages, so now we are going to see some ideas on how to decorate with candles.

Candles at the entrance of the house

Although we are not aware of it, the entrance to our house is one of the most important parts of our home. It is important that as soon as we open the door we find ourselves in a environment that invites us to relax , to feel comfortable and at peace with ourselves.

Therefore, a good option is to decorate this area with some candles. Instead of resorting tovases or somewhat eclectic decorative elements, use candles and you will immediately notice the difference. If you also choose varieties give off odor , you will create a perfect environment to welcome home both you and your guests.

Candles to create a chill out atmosphere in outdoor spaces

You don't need to have a large terrace, even a small balcony can become the most special space in your home. All you need is to get the right size furniture, or even some practical cushions that allow you to sit on the floor.

If you like the chill out atmosphere, intimate and relaxed , what cannot be missing in the outdoor spaces of your house are a few candles. Of course, put them in their correspondingcandleholder to avoid the risk of the flame igniting anything around it.

If your balcony is small, it will suffice to create a small centerpiece with two or three candles of different sizes . Surely that way you feel much more like going out to relax in the cool on summer nights.

candles on the shelves

Decorating the shelves at home is not always easy. In the end you combine a lot of elements that don't have much to do with each other and that don't quite produce the effect you were looking for.

A good solution is to make a harmonic decoration based on candles, better if there is one  certain similarity between them or follow the same aesthetic line They don't have to be exactly the same.

Fill in the gaps left on the shelves with some candles and combine them with  vases with natural or artificial flowers , even with indoor plants. You will see that a simple shelf becomes a much more inspiring space.

Decoration with candles in the bathroom

give yourself abath or a relaxing shower is one of the best options we have after a stressful day, but artificial light is not always the best companion when what we are looking for is to relax body and mind.

The solution in this case may be candles. If you always have them at hand in your bathroom, when you feel like that relaxing shower or bath you will only have to turn them on, turn off the lights, and enjoy a few minutes just for you.

You can place them on the edge of the bathtub if it is built-in, or on a wooden or glass tray that you can place in the sink area.

candles in the living room

The use of candles to decorate theliving room Only your imagination is limited, because you can give them hundreds of different uses.

As we saw before, you can place them on the shelves, but they can also be the perfect complement for the side table if you combine them with a candle holder that is colorful.

However, when it comes to decorating the living room with candles, the most common is that they are presents as a centerpiece . With a few candles of different sizes and even colors you will create a unique center, and you can combine them with other elements such as pineapples or dried flowers.


Candles, together with candle holders, can turn each of the rooms in your house into a unique place. Contributing to creating welcoming spaces in which you will always feel comfortable and in which you will want to spend much more time.

If the decoration with candles does not go out of style, it is because it has benefits on many levels, both for your home and for you. Dare to put these small elements in your home and be surprised with the results.

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