Aesthetic decoration: the style of the moment

Decoración aesthetic: el estilo del momento

The aesthetic decoration has conquered the hearts of those who love interior design. In fact, this decorative style has become the king of social networks thanks to its undeniable visual appeal. Are you still not following it to take advantage of your home?

No one can resist living surrounded by beautiful things . That is why the aesthetic house has become a powerful object of desire for all of us. Discover all its secrets by reading our post.

What is the aesthetic style

As its name indicates, the aesthetic style is one that puts aesthetics in the spotlight. Consequently, beauty, order and cleanliness are among its main priorities.

It should be remembered that this concept encompasses an authentic lifestyle that transcends multiple spheres . Thus, we can find it in fields as diverse as fashion, architecture, photography and, of course, decoration.

The aesthetic decoration is a decorative style that seeks to emphasize the most artistic and personal side of a house . In other words, this interior trend uses elements considered aesthetically beautiful to create a harmonious space where beauty and optimism reign.

Characteristics of aesthetic decoration

eclecticism to power

One of the first things that draw attention to the aesthetic style is its taste for mixing different trends and elements. For this reason, it integrates so well with all kinds of decorative styles ( boho , industrial, minimalist, etc.).

The combination of old and modern things would be one of the main manifestations of this feature.

Less is more

The aesthetic house is inextricably linked to beauty... And beauty requires order. That is why minimalism is revealed as its natural ally .

Furniture with simple lines and sobriety will help create a space that is clearer and more pleasing to the eye.

The power of nostalgia

It cannot be denied that aesthetic decoration has a soft spot for the past. Consequently, everything vintage will always be welcome in houses that intend to embrace this decorative trend.

On the other hand, this return to the origins is also reflected in the use of handicrafts, plants and natural materials.

The more personal, the better.

The truly magical thing about beauty is that it is perceived differently by each one of us. This implies that the aesthetic style varies considerably from one person to another .

It is, then, about making your home reflect your particular sense of aesthetics. Singular objects will come in handy to emphasize what makes you different.

originality rules

The authentic aesthetic house is incompatible with the copy and the tawdry. After all, her strong artistic sense leads her to be unique in herself .

Therefore, the main source of inspiration to recreate this style must be found in your own imagination.

Patterns, squares and textures: essential in aesthetic decoration

Given that this style offers us a return to the past, it is not surprising that it opts for geometric patterns, wallpaper and textures . After all, all this is closely linked to vintage decoration.

Did you know that a house of this style lets the walls do the talking? Pictures and photographs play a very important role in this type of decoration. They sure have a lot of interesting things to tell!

Colors that cannot be missing in an aesthetic house

Without losing sight of the creative point, the truth is that this trend has a predilection for timeless, bright and natural tones (powdered pink, salmon, nude , etc.). Nor can we ignore the fact that color contrasts and textured coverings have a strong presence in any home that follows this style.

How to decorate with style aesthetic

  1. Textiles will help you add textures and a handmade touch . Take the test with the jute cushion colored .
  2. The purely ornamental lighting It is one of the hallmarks of decoration aesthetic . Bet on her with the garland auro .
  3. The elements of the nature They cannot be missing in this decorative style. If taking care of plants is not your thing, you can always use a bouquet of dried flowers as beautiful as Tatiana .
  4. at the time of "illustrate" your walls, decorative sheets like the British Garden will fill the room with vitality and good taste.
  5. if you're looking for original objects full of personality to recreate this decorative line, perhaps it is time for you to meet the candle holder Village .
  6. Do not forget to include some detail vintage, like the decorative box Lena to round out your home.

It is obvious that aesthetic decoration is capable of enhancing the charm of any home. In our online catalog you will find everything you need to join this trend. Get ready to turn your home into the next Instagram sensation!

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