Tips for lighting the bathroom properly

Consejos para iluminar el baño de forma adecuada

Make good decisions when illuminate the bathroom It is the best thing we can do to make this space in our house as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Especially if it is a room that lacks natural lighting, which is quite common.

How to light a bathroom correctly

The key to achieving bright, shadow-free lighting is combining different types of luminaires and different light temperatures.

Ambient lighting

When thinking about how to light a bathroom, the first light to pay attention to is ambient light. This comes from the ceiling and, as the bathrooms are usually not very large, it is convenient Do not use large or flashy lamps.

The simplest way to get good ambient light is a ceiling light that incorporates a cold or neutral temperature LED luminaire. This achieves light very similar to natural light, and makes it easier to carry out all the tasks that are carried out in this space of the house.

Lighting for certain tasks

Activities such as shaving or putting on makeup require extra amount of light that is much more focal and avoids shadows.

It is a lighting that we can achieve by placing lights on both sides of the mirror or through some adjustable spotlights that emit their light on specific areas such as the sink or shower.

Since what we are looking for is a powerful light free of shadows, in these cases it is advisable Choose a cold or neutral light.

Decorative lighting

If the room is very small, it leaves us little room for decoration. But, even so, we can add a unique touch to this space by taking maximum care of the lighting in a bathroom.

The perfect solution is decorative lighting through LED strips , which provide light and a touch of style if placed around mirrors, under cabinets or in the shelf area.

In the case of bathrooms with slightly larger dimensions and ceilings that are not too low, we can use a hanging lamp over the bathtub area or applique in the vanity area.

Decorative lighting does not have a very practical functionality, so in these cases we can choose warmer temperature bulbs that help create a more welcoming environment and take away from the bathroom that certain aseptic touch that cold lights generate. It will be great for those moments when the bathroom becomes a space to relax.

Lighting in the shower

In bathrooms where the only ambient light is a spotlight located in the center of the room, the shower area can become too shadowy, especially if a shower curtain or beveled screen is used.

This can be solved by placing specific lighting in the shower area. exist LED strips that withstand humidity well and that provide lighting that is, at the same time, decorative and very practical. A good option is place them on the ceiling.

Adjustable lighting

We do not always need the same intensity of light when we enter the bathroom. If we get up very early, it is possible that receiving a great impact of light while it is still early morning does not feel good to us at all.

In cases like these, the ideal is to have lights that are adjustable in intensity. Something that can be achieved through dimmable switches and also with dimmable light bulbs. In this way, we can Create the perfect environment in the bathroom for every moment.

For example, a well-lit area for cleaning first thing in the morning, or much dimmer lighting to enjoy a relaxing bath after a hard day at work.

Security lighting

Another good option is security lighting, which can be achieved through small lamps that plug into sockets and are similar to the “creepy” lights used in children's rooms. They are adjustable in intensity and guarantee that there will always be a little light in the bathroom, which is very useful for people who get up during the night.

Mirrors to illuminate the bathroom

In the case of small bathrooms that have little or no natural light, the use of mirrors that reflect artificial light is a good trick to enhance lighting.

The light reflects on its surface and expands throughout the room, making it look larger and brighter. Furthermore, a nice mirror gives you a unique decorative touch to this room and does not take up any space.

There are many ways to light the bathroom, but in the end the important thing is that this important part of our house has the light we need at all times and for each activity. If you want to illuminate and decorate your bathroom to turn it into a unique and charming room, we have at your disposal all the products you may need.

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