Tips to decorate your bed with cushions

Consejos para decorar tu cama con cojines

Decorate the bed with cushions and dress it with elegance and harmony, taking care of all the aesthetic details, is known as bed styling .

In this art, the main focus falls on the combination of cushions on the bed to achieve a visually attractive result. Although in a bed styling complete Plaids, duvets, bedspreads, covers and sheets are also added ; cushions are the elements that usually play a more prominent role in the decoration of the bed.

What cushions to put on the bed

One way to get it right when decorating beds with cushions is to apply the rule of three colors. In this way, we will achieve a beautiful combination to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom. These are some of the keys that you should keep in mind:

  • Starts choosing a base color. In this case, white is a good option for the largest part of the bed, such as the bedspread, sheets and other main elements. White is a very classic choice that never fails, because it brings brightness and versatility to the decoration, but other light neutral tones can also be perfect.
  • Add two more colors for the cushions produce an attractive contrast . These colors can be complementary shades or ones that contrast and stand out from the base color. For example, you could choose a pastel green and a soft gray if white is the base color.

A modern and elegant idea is to choose one of the colors of the cushions and add a blanket of the same color to the foot of the bed. This creates a feeling of balance and coherence in the decoration.

Opt for light, bright colors that are not too flashy or phosphorescent, since these tones are usually outdated in decoration. Look for similar shades that complement each other without being overwhelming.
Dare to experiment with different shades of the same color. For example, you can choose a fitted sheet in a dark color and combine it with cushions and bedspreads in lighter tones, white, beige, sand or pink. This adds depth and dynamism to the decoration.

To add visual interest, you can choose accessories and bedding in the same color but in different shades. Use lighter shades for larger surfaces and darker shades for decorative pillows.

Combining square or rectangular cushions with round cushions is another key that works when decorating beds with cushions. Round cushions usually look great when placed in the center of the bed, giving it some prominence. You can opt for a large round cushion as a focal point, as they are less common than square or rectangular ones.

How to decorate a bed with cushions

Here are five keys to know how to put cushions on the bed and achieve a cozy, harmonious and stylish look, without visually overloading the space.

Start with the largest cushions

For a perfect decoration of beds with cushions, you must first place the largest, softest and most voluminous ones at the back of the bed, near the wall or headboard. In addition to serving as a base, they will act as insulation to maintain temperature in winter.

These cushions can be a solid color or a pattern that matches the room's decor.

Add smaller cushions in front

Place smaller cushions on top of the base cushions. You can vary the sizes and patterns of these smaller cushions. Additionally, you should look for a color palette that is consistent with the bedding or that contrasts harmoniously.

Play with prints

Play and experiment with different patterns, such as flowers, stripes, or geometric designs, as long as you keep a cohesive color palette. You can also combine plain cushions with printed cushions to give a more dynamic touch to the composition.

Mix textures

Includes cushions with covers of different fabrics to add variety of textures. This creates visual interest and depth in the bed. Cushions with different textures can be made of linen, cotton, wool, velvet or silk, among other materials.

Avoid overloading the bed with cushions

Maintain a balance between visual aesthetics and practical comfort. It is not necessary to have too many cushions on the bed, as they must be removed and replaced daily. A reasonable number ranges from 2 to 6 cushions , depending on the size of the bed.

Remember that cushions not only have a decorative function, but larger ones can also provide comfort by cushioning the headboard and offering support to the back and lumbar area when reading or resting in bed.

Don't hesitate to express your personal style when it comes to Decorate the bed with cushions . Whether you prefer a minimalist approach with soft colors or a bolder combination of colors and shapes, your choice of cushions can say a lot about you.

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