How to put two beds in a small room: take advantage of all the space

Cómo poner dos camas en una habitación pequeña: aprovecha todo el espacio

Do you have a reduced space in a room and need to place two beds? No problem! With a little imagination, there is a solution for any problem of this type. Here are some good ideas to optimize space in a small bedroom.

How to put two beds in a small room? It is a task that must be approached calmly and step by step. The first thing to do is make careful planning of furniture and decoration to be able to distribute all the elements in the most appropriate way and maintain a certain feeling of spaciousness.

Measure and assess the shape of the room

Before distributing two beds in a small bedroom, it is essential to take the precise measurements of the room using a tape measure and paper. This will allow you to select suitable furniture and leave enough space for comfortable circulation.

The shape of the bedroom also plays a crucial role in the arrangement of the beds. For example, if one wall is longer than another, an L-shaped distribution It could be the most appropriate to take advantage of the space.

In the event that the bedroom has unevenness, as in the case of an attic, it is advisable to use those spaces to locate the beds or install built-in furniture On the other hand, if the room is long, the longest wall can be used to place the beds. It is important to always make sure leave enough space to move comfortably in the room and take into account the location of the doors and windows when distributing the furniture.

Sofas instead of cabinets

A practical option to save space in the bedroom is to use canapés on the beds instead of cabinets. These trundles offer additional storage under the beds and are not visible in the bedroom, helping to maintain a tidy environment.

At present, there are canapés designed even for single-size beds (90 cm) , which allows you to make the most of the available space. By having a sofa in each bed and maintaining a good organization in the room, it is possible to reduce the need for chests of drawers or other furniture, which will contribute to being able to place two beds in a small room without making the room excessively overloaded.

Sliding doors

By using wardrobes with sliding doors instead of conventional wardrobes with drop doors, the conflict of space between the beds and the furniture is avoided. This allows a better distribution of space in the room and at the same time we achieve a more elegant appearance and modern in the bedroom. This option is ideal for a small room with two beds where every inch counts and where it is important to make the most of the available space without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

A nightstand in the middle

A simple and practical solution for a small room with two beds is to place a single nightstand between them. Opt for a long and narrow table where you can place two lamps and other individual accessories. This choice will allow you take advantage of the side space of the beds and achieve a personalized and practical decoration.

beds online

Another solution to put two beds in a small room is place them in line, instead of next to each other. This distribution is ideal for narrow and rectangular rooms. In this way, the available elongated space is used to the maximum, allowing the best use of the meters in the width of the room. Although a priori It may seem like a somewhat strange way of placing two beds, in reality it can be very aesthetic and personal.

bunk beds

Bunk beds are a very practical choice when furnishing a children's or youth room. Currently, you can find a wide variety of beautiful models in most decoration stores. These bunk beds offer beautiful, simple and cozy designs that adapt perfectly to the style of the room and the available space. If you are looking for a more personalized touch, you can also opt for place the bunk beds in a displaced way , which will give an original and unique point to the room.

folding beds

Folding beds are an excellent option to make the most of space in small rooms. These beds fold up and tuck away when not in use , taking up little space and allowing more room to move. With a simple gesture, we can unfold or save them and reconfigure the room as needed. Compared to the folding beds of yesteryear, today's offer a much more practical and functional design that is much easier to unfold and collect.

Are you clearer on how to put two beds in a small room? Well, the time has come to put these ideas into practice. Once the arrangement and type of furniture have been decided, you can move on to the most fun part: decorating the space.

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