How to correctly choose summer rugs

Cómo elegir correctamente las alfombras de verano

Contrary to common belief, rugs don't have to be limited to winter. While it is true that some rugs are designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, there are also summer rugs that are perfectly suitable for cooling the house and face the hot days of the summer season.

Perfect materials for a summer rug

When choosing summer rugs, it is important to take into account that they do not store heat. In hot climates, especially in places where temperatures can reach very high levels, it is necessary Avoid rugs that retain and release heat at night , as this can contribute to a hotter, more uncomfortable environment.

The way rugs are woven and their thickness are determining factors in determining their heat retention capacity. The carpets with threads that are pressed and tight, and that present stiffness, they tend to retain less heat. On the other hand, cotton or wool rugs, which usually have air chambers inside, can retain more heat during the day.

Regarding the most suitable materials for summer rugs, we can highlight the following:


Cotton rugs are cool and soft to the touch. Are perfect for summer due to its breathability and ability to maintain room temperature. In addition, they are easy to clean and can be made from recycled fibers.


It is a very popular material for summer and is suitable for indoor rugs. Linen is a natural and soft fiber with which rugs of very varied designs can be made. requires a delicate care during washing.

Sisal or coconut fiber

These rugs are environmentally friendly and durable. Sisal or coconut fiber has neutral tones that adapt to different styles of decoration. They are ideal both for urban homes and for houses on the coast, since they are robust, durable and resistant to dirt.


Jute is a soft to the touch and versatile material. Carpets made with this natural fiber are fresh and adapt to any room in the house. Their neutral color brings warmth and they are an excellent option for summer.


Bamboo rugs are practical and resistant. They do not require special maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap. In addition, bamboo is hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for homes with children.

Other tips for choosing summer rugs

The color of the carpet also plays an important role in the feeling of coolness during the summer. As with clothing, light and vibrant colors convey a feeling of freshness and lightness.

So, it is recommended avoid dark colors and opt for lighter tones, both in summer rugs for the living room and for the bedroom. colorful designs pastel, white, ecru and even tones such as water green, yellow or pink They are also ideal for creating a fresh and summer atmosphere.

The kilim They are a good choice of rugs for the summer. These rugs are made in a flat weave or without knotted pile, using wool threads in the weft and are usually decorated with geometric motifs. The absence of knotted hair on the kilim it makes them cooler and lighter, which makes them a perfect choice for the summer season.

It may be a good idea to look for rugs that are also suitable for outdoor use during the summer. These are pieces that are specifically designed to resist the conditions of heat, humidity and intense sun exposure.

Outdoor rugs are often made from natural, light and fresh materials that allow good breathability . This is especially important during the summer, as it helps maintain a cool and comfortable environment. In addition, being suitable for outdoor use, these rugs can be used inside the house, or on the terrace or on the porch, and, therefore, can become a versatile addition to the summer decoration. Besides, being light and easy to move, they can be placed in different areas of the house according to the needs of each moment.

Advantages of using summer rugs

Placing a rug over hardwood, polished concrete, or tile floors can help cool a room, especially those that receive many hours of sun, such as those that are oriented to the south.

By using a summer rug indoors, you creates a barrier between the sun and the ground , preventing materials with high thermal mass, such as concrete or stone, from absorbing the sun's heat throughout the day. This can help keep rooms cooler and even help you sleep better.

Also, if you use rugs in light tones and fresh materials associated with the summer season, the decoration of your home will look lighter and in line with this season of the year, which will contribute to generating a more welcoming and pleasant environment.

As you can see, summer rugs have many advantages, so be sure to include them in the decoration of your home this season.

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