How to design a practical and modern kitchen

diseñar una cocina

Although aesthetics are very important, getting apractical kitchen It is what you should really aspire to. Regardless of whether this room in your house is larger or smaller.

With a good design and using the right decoration elements, you can achieve a perfect result.

Tips for a practical and beautiful kitchen

When it comes to how to design a kitchen, You should not be guided only by fashion trends. Keep in mind that these will change over time and that the furniture and style you choose must last for many years.

It is best to take into accountyour tastes and your needs, and that the final resultdefine your personality. Thus, if you are a person with more traditional tastes, it will suit you more to have a rustic-style kitchen. On the contrary, if you prefer the most current styles, then you can opt for others such as the Nordic or the industrial.

Make good use of space

Practical and functional kitchens are those that are capable of making the most of the available space.

Nowadays this is easier to achieve thanks to thestate-of-the-art furniture, which allow you to take advantage of all the available spaces. Of course, try not to overload the environment.

It's good to have as much space as, butif you abuse the furniture you could make the result an uncomfortable kitchen. Make sure that there are always areas that allow comfortable transit from one area of the room to another. This, in addition to making it more beautiful and functional, also contributes to making it safer.

Choose good lighting

Theillumination of the kitchen is one of the most important aspects to take into account in its decoration.

It's a place where you're going to be working with knives, handling fire, etc.You need to see well what you have around you. Therefore, try to enhance natural light as much as possible. If you install curtains on the window, make sure they are not too opaque.

As for artificial light, nowadays different types of luminaires are usually combined, but all of themleds. Next to theroof light (better if it comes from an integrated spotlight) choose other lights moreindirect. For example, inside the cabinets, if the doors are glass, or under them if you have chosen wood for the doors.

The result will be even better if you choose a cold light for the ceiling light and warm lights for the rest. This will allow you create various environments.

Get the storage items right

In functional kitchens you always have everything you need at hand. The key to achieving this is having the right storage elements. These will allow you to make the most of the available space.

For example, if you never know where to put thekitchen towels and the apron, incorporate in your kitchen a nicewall hanger. This way you will have them in sight and, at the same time, well collected.

Asmall shelf can also be very helpful. It does not take up any space and allows you to have essential products at hand when cooking, such as salt and spices.

The metal fruit bowls They also give you a little extra storage space. From the fruit you just brought from the supermarket to the capsules in your coffee maker, everything is a matter of imagination.

don't forget thebaskets, because they cannot be missing in any practical kitchen. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be really useful. You can use them to store fruit and vegetables, to keep tablecloths and napkins organized, to keep cleaning products in one place, etc.

Includes a dining area

The kitchen is much more than a place to prepare food.If it is well designed, it can become the nerve center of the house.

Therefore, if you have enough space, incorporate a good table with comfortable chairs. This will allow you to eat in this family room when you do not feel like using the dining room. In addition, it will allow youspend more time with yours. Your children can use the table to do their homework while you prepare dinner. If you have guests, they can keep you company sitting comfortably with a glass of wine while you finish preparing the dishes you are going to serve.

If your kitchen is big enough to have an island, this piece of furniture can also be used as a table if it has an overhang and stools.

Having a practical and beautiful kitchen is a matter of design. First of all, think carefully about what you need in this room and, from there, you can start to assess what type of furniture and fixtures to include in it to achieve the best possible result.

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