How to decorate a sideboard with style

Cómo decorar un aparador con estilo

Today we want to bring some ideas and tips to decorate a sideboard, one of the most beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture in our homes.

A sideboard is a storage piece of furniture that is generally used in dining rooms, living rooms or similar spaces in the home. It may also be known as a buffet or display cabinet, depending on the region and the specific design of the furniture. It is usually a long and relatively low piece of furniture, with mostly doors and drawers , designed to store crockery, cutlery, tablecloths and other objects related to the table and food.

We can choose from a wide range of designs, materials, sizes, dimensions and shapes, so it is about a piece of furniture that offers great versatility. Generally, as we said, it is placed in the living room or dining room, but it can also be very useful and decorative in the hall, bedroom and even the work area. It can also be used to define areas and create divisions between different environments, You just have to find the design that best suits the available space.

Ideas to decorate a sideboard

In addition to its functionality, we can take advantage and highlight the beauty and elegance of this type of furniture. In fact, we can give greater prominence by directing attention to our sideboard, using it as a space where we can unleash our creativity to build. a beautiful decorative corner with the accessories that we like the most.

One of the advantages of sideboards is that they are usually low in height, which makes them an ideal option to decorate in different ways. What to put on top of a living room sideboard to get the most out of it? Below, we leave you some ideas.


One of the ideal choices for decorating a sideboard in the living room is to place a artistic piece on the wall , whether it is a painting, an illustration or a photograph , that captures attention. There are different ways to do it.

You can opt for a large work, two paintings or even a gallery-shaped composition. There is no single way to arrange them, since everything will depend on the other decorative elements that we are going to place on the furniture and whether you prefer a symmetrical balance or the opposite.

Although an asymmetrical arrangement can generally be more attractive, this rule does not always apply in all cases . When placing the paintings, if they are large, you can hang them on the wall or lean them directly on the sideboard.

A mirror

If you like decoration you will surely be aware of the decorative power that Mirrors They contribute to any corner of the house. Placed on the wall above the parador, they can create a feeling of spaciousness in the dining room or living room. Besides, They intensify the entry of natural light, illuminating the environment even more.

The range of models is very wide, from classic mirrors with gold frames to modern designs, some with an industrial style, or rustic or vintage. You can also consider the option of an aged or restored mirror, to give it an even more personal touch.

A tip that you should keep in mind: The size of the mirror should be in harmony with the dimensions of the sideboard. It can be the same size or slightly smaller, but never larger. A round mirror also works very well, which is currently in trend.

Desk lamp

The desk lamp It is another of the perfect elements to decorate a sideboard. It fulfills a double function because in addition to providing a decorative touch, when turned on it contributes to creating a more pleasant and welcoming ambient lighting.

There are different possibilities. We can locate a lamp at one end or one on each side, leaving the central part free to place other objects.

Candelabras and candles

They never fail if we want to give it a romantic touch to the decoration of the sideboard. The ideal thing to make them stand out is to place them in groups of two or three combining different heights so that the effect is more dynamic. An option that gives a very good aesthetic result is to use decorative elements to generate color contrast.

flowers and plants

A touch of nature is something that never fails, so Incorporating plants to decorate the sideboard is always a success. Furthermore, we can play with different Vase designs and materials : ceramic, glass, wood, wicker, the choice depends on the decorative style we are looking for. We can give a touch of color with green plants, succulents, fresh flowers, dried flowers, feathers, spikes, etc.

Create still lifes

Another original way to decorate a wooden sideboard is group objects instead of scattering various elements throughout the piece of furniture. When we group and create harmonious sets, we manage to enhance the aesthetics of each of the elements. A general guideline is select elements of different sizes to achieve a balanced composition combining varied heights and shapes. This creates a feeling of dynamism and greater visual interest.

As you can see, decorating a sideboard is quite simple and you have a lot of possibilities. Dare to explore and discover all your creativity.

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