How to decorate your house in the Mediterranean style

Como decorar tu casa al estilo mediterraneo

The mediterranean style has become one of the most popular in the field ofdecor, because it allows us to turn a house into a home that gives off a cozy feeling and invites us to relax and enjoy. Let's see what the basic elements of this form of decoration are.

What is the Mediterranean decoration style

The lifestyle in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea is very different from what exists in other European states, and this is even manifested in the way houses are decorated.

The Mediterranean style of interior design wants to evoke the relaxed and warm atmosphere typical of the Mediterranean regions, where people enjoy with family and friends both inside and outside the home.

The objective is to create spaces in which nature has a presence, but with a  I touched chic and somewhat minimalist . To better understand what it is about, it is convenient to analyze some of its most outstanding characteristics.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean style

Less is more

As we said before, Mediterranean decoration is to a certain extentminimalist. Although all the corners are well decorated, it is sought that  everything in the room has a reason for being .

Both thefurniture As the decorative items are there for a reason, they are not abused at any time. This gives rise to rooms in which nothing necessary is missing and in which, at the same time, there is nothing superfluous.

Large interior spaces

This has a lot to do with the above. In houses with Mediterranean style the interiors are as clear as possible to convey that feeling of spaciousness.

When rooms are not large, cluttering them with furniture and fixtures helps make them look smaller. The minimalism typical of this decorative style makes even the smallest rooms look larger than they really are.

Emphasis on exterior decoration

Mediterranean houses are as alive inside as they are outside. No matter how small the exterior area of the house is, it will always have a leading role within the decoration, either with furniture adapted to the available space, light garlands, or plants.

Even the smallest balcony comes alive and becomes a meeting point for everyone who passes through the house .

color combination

The decoration of a Mediterranean-style house look for freshness , and for this he usually resorts to the white on the walls . In fact, perfectly smooth walls are often avoided and a slightly coarser plaster finish is preferred. The typical whitewashed walls with bulges and projections.

Color is incorporated through accessories and textiles . Resorting to shades such as blue, green, yellow or gold, reminiscent of the natural environment.

Use of natural materials

The Mediterranean style makes the most of natural materials, both in the structures themselves and in the furniture. The wooden beams they are in sight and, if there is a stone wall, it is not covered either.

The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are usually in a classic style. Some have decades of history and others are newly created, but with a clearly vintage.

For furniture and decorative items, it is common to resort to objects made of materials such as wicker, straw, rattan, jute or linen  among others.

Ideas to decorate your house in the Mediterranean style

bet it all on white

If you don't have whitewashed walls, it doesn't matter, you can also turn your home into a house with this decorative style if your walls are smooth or have gotelé. The first step is for you to paint walls and ceilings in a  luminous white . Apply this paint in all rooms.

Immediately all rooms  They will look much more spacious and bright , which by itself is a typical feature of Mediterranean homes.

Install light curtains

Mediterranean countries receive a large amount of natural light, so there is nothing better than taking advantage of it. Although the heat makes it very difficult to have the windows without blinds and without curtains, we can lighten the textiles.

Change the heavy and thick curtains for others of  much lighter and more translucent natural fabrics like linen. Let them see the outside and allow a good amount of light to pass through.

Bring nature indoors

Make sure that nature is present inside the house. You can achieve it using natural material rugs  like jute, or installing a wicker rocking chair in the living room. Of course, you must not forget the floors .

 By making a few small changes you can give your home decor a twist and achieve a refreshing and relaxed Mediterranean style that will make coming home every day a real pleasure for all the senses.

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