How to decorate a fireplace mantel

Cómo decorar la repisa de una chimenea

Having a fireplace at home is a true privilege, since it will not only provide you with moments of enjoyment, but it will also become a beautiful decorative element that can be used a lot, especially if you know how to decorate a fireplace mantel to add more style. and make it the center of the space.

To do this, we bring you some fantastic ideas that will help you decorate this part of the living room like an interior design professional.

A mirror or painting as a central element

You can begin the decorating task by placing a large piece in the center of the shelf. This object can be, for example, a mirror or a painting, and this element will be the one that has the greatest prominence.

To achieve a result full of harmony, you must choose a design that fits aesthetically with the rest of the room . Mirrors help to visually expand the space, as long as they reflect something pleasant, such as a well-decorated area or a window with plants.

As for placement, you can choose to hang it on the wall or rest it directly on the shelf, depending on the desired effect. Many professional decorators opt for the second option, but if the fireplace mantel is shallow, hanging it is a good alternative to gain useful space.

A watch that stands out

A clock over the fireplace is a classic that never fails. There are a lot of clock designs: circular, round, oval, rectangular... You can also Choose between different materials , such as a metal mirror for a more industrial style or one made of light wood and you like the Nordic atmosphere more.

Lanterns, candelabras and candle holders offer a special touch

You can also opt for elements such as lanterns, chandeliers and candle holders , without a doubt one of the best ideas for decorating fireplaces, whether they are on or off.

Crystal lanterns add undeniable elegance, as do tall chandeliers. If you opt for the latter, Try to arrange them in groups of three , varying their sizes; It is a trick with which you will get a fireplace worthy of a magazine. If you prefer a more minimalist approach, you can combine candles in glass containers.

Vase with flowers and plants for natural decoration

Vases with flowers and plants are another safe bet in fireplace decoration, whether you choose live plants or dried flowers . For a successful decoration, simply select a large vase and a small pot.

By arranging them at two different heights, you will achieve a more interesting decoration and still have space for other decorative elements. If you prefer a more symmetrical look, you can place two identical vases at opposite ends of the mantelpiece.

As for materials, glass and ceramic vases are the most chosen options, although the decision will largely depend on the decorative style you are looking for.

Photo frames: a family atmosphere

Family photographs always instill a cozy feeling when arranged on a fireplace mantel. To the combine them in different sizes, and using frames with different textures, we achieve a rich decoration full of nuances.

A positive aspect of these photo frames is that they offer us the flexibility to change the photographs according to the season of the year, allowing us to opt for autumn images or beach photos to complement the chosen decoration.

Natural fibers may be the key

Natural elements are another option that we can consider to decorate the fireplace mantel. We refer to objects made of materials of natural origin as baskets, ceramics , textiles and other similar ornaments .

This option helps create a very authentic and cozy atmosphere and can help soften the gray of a stone fireplace, for example, although it really works with many decorative styles, from rustic to classic.

How to place decorative elements

After choosing the elements with which we want to decorate our fireplace, we must know how to arrange them along the mantel. A simple trick that can be of great help for arranging the decoration on the fireplace is create a kind of imaginary triangle . The tallest element, be it the mirror or the selected painting, should be placed in the center. On both sides, we place the two objects that follow in terms of visual weight, such as the vase and the lantern.

These elements can be accompanied by other smaller objects, but with similar characteristics, arranged not in an aligned manner, but rather superimposed so that they form a harmonious whole.

To conclude, in the center we will add a prominent element, such as a family portrait that adds personality to the decoration. They can be combine elements of different heights and materials, strategically overlapping them , with some in front and others behind.

An important tip: avoid choosing decorative elements that are too small. It is preferable to opt for larger objects but in smaller quantities , as this will contribute to a more organized result instead of a chaotic one.

Now that you know how to decorate a fireplace mantel, you just have to choose the objects that you like the most to start your particular composition.

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