How to decorate baby rooms: create a cozy atmosphere

Cómo decorar habitaciones para bebé: crea un ambiente acogedor

When a baby is on the way, they emerge many questions for parents-to-be that had never been considered before. Among all these unknowns, probably the most recurring is the choice of the name of the future baby. However, one of the tasks that requires the most time is the preparation and decoration of the baby's room .

Unless the parents prefer the baby to sleep with them in the master bedroom for the first few months, the nursery will be the place where you spend your first nights and wake up to live your new life. It will be the space where they will change his diaper and lull him to sleep, so it is essential to have everything ready for his arrival.

For this reason, today we leave you some tips and ideas to decorate baby rooms that can serve as a guide and make the process easier.

clear the room

If you want your baby's room to look spacious, it's important to declutter it and minimize furniture. Fortunately, babies They do not require large furniture during their early years . The essentials are a crib, a dresser that can double as a changing table, and a nursing chair. It can be completed with a simple drawer to store objects that we need to have on hand.

The right distribution

It is recommended, whenever possible, that the baby's room has natural light . This will allow adequate ventilation and will also save energy. When distributing the furniture, it is convenient to take into account the entrance of light, placing the changing table near the window and moving the crib away.

warm lighting

To provide lighting throughout the room, you can install a ceiling lamp or ceiling light that emits warm light and that can be regulated by means of a dimmer. In this way, you can adjust the intensity of the light according to the time of day, and create a cozy atmosphere.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use localized lighting points to meet specific needs. For example, you can place a sconce next to the changing table to have a focused light in that area, or add a delicate garland of lights above the nursing chair to create a soft and relaxing environment.


As for the wall covering, it is best to opt for a light and soft environment that avoids the baby's visual fatigue and promotes rest. A common option is to paint the room in a single color, or at most, use two shades of the same color , and highlight a particular wall with a nice painted paper. Baby rooms decorated with polka dots or stars in soft tones often create a very beautiful effect.

A carpet

The rugs are an essential element to decorate the room of babies and children in their first years of life. These pieces have numerous advantages, including the aesthetic aspect, since they animate the decoration with their colors, They cover the ground providing warmth, and incorporate nice motifs that stimulate the baby.

Ornaments: few and well chosen

When it comes to decorating small children's rooms , it is important to avoid cluttering the space with a large number of details and different colors. Although they are pretty, they can make a room seem chaotic and even smaller.

The ideal is to be selective with the decorative details and choose elements that follow the same range of colors. This chromatic coherence will make the space appear more serene, orderly and, consequently, more spacious.

functional decoration

Use decorative items that double as storage It is an excellent idea to maximize space in the decoration of a small baby room. You can incorporate shelves or shelves on the wall where you can place storage boxes to organize toys, clothes or other objects.

Cologne baskets can also be used to store small accessories or baby care products. In addition, sacks or storage bags are practical for storing and organizing toys quickly and easily. In this way, a functional decoration is achieved that optimizes the space and keeps the room tidy.

an extra tip

It is important Do not abuse children's motifs in the decoration. Although these reasons can make the baby's room adorable, it is necessary to consider that in a short time it will become obsolete as the baby grows.

It is recommended to choose more timeless and versatile decorative elements that can be adapted as the child grows to avoid having to completely renew the decoration every so often. This will allow the room to be updated and adapted to the needs of the child as it develops.

In short, what we are looking for when decorating baby rooms is to create a relaxing and comfortable space , but at the same time with some details that stimulate and capture the baby's attention. It should also be a room with very functional elements that allow us to maintain order and organization without effort, and where we can have everything necessary for the care of the little one at hand.

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