How to decorate small bathrooms to take advantage of space

Cómo decorar baños pequeños para aprovechar el espacio

Decorating small bathrooms can be quite a challenge, especially when the sink, toilet and shower limit the available space and seem to influence our aesthetic decisions. However, with a touch of imagination, ingenuity and optical effects, it is possible to turn a small space into a large and functional one. Every centimeter counts and can make a difference. Here are some ideas for small bathrooms.

shower and not bathtub

In a small bathroom, the shower becomes an essential element. Showers take up less space than bathtubs. Mini shower trays, with dimensions such as 70 x 70 cm, are a suitable option to make the most of the available space. In addition to square plates, there are also semicircular options that “eliminate” a corner , which allows clearing the central area of ​​the bathroom and optimizing space.

Take advantage of the space above the toilet

Taking advantage of the space above the toilet is a great strategy that is often overlooked, but one that comes in handy. It can be done using shelves anchored to the wall, bathroom furniture that can be supported or hanging baskets. In this way we can make the most of this space that, in general, is wasted and get modern and functional small bathrooms.

A big mirror

There is no doubt that mirrors are an essential piece in the decoration of small bathrooms. They have the ability to multiply and reflect light , creating a feeling of spaciousness by making the space appear larger. They act as virtual windows, providing depth to the environment.

In mini bathrooms, opting for large mirrors is a good choice. It is always recommended that the mirror does not have a frame or, if it does, that it be as thin as possible so as not to reduce the reflective surface.

Narrow and tall furniture

In a bathroom with limited space, it is important to make the most of the available height and corners. For this, narrow and tall furniture is very useful, since it allows us to provide additional support surfaces for bathroom products and even to place decorative ornaments.

hanging organizers

Another way to make the most of space in a small bathroom is by using hanging storage. You can find baskets specifically designed to hang inside the shower, hanging organizers from the ceiling or bags and baskets to hang from the door of the furniture.

Shelves and shelves

Shelves are a great solution to avoid the cramped feeling that a closet can create in a small space, while also providing a practical way to display and organize small items. Prefer to glass shelves, light wood or wrought iron It will provide a feeling of lightness and will also allow us to keep the towels organized and within reach.

bet on white

White is a wise choice for small bathrooms, as it amplifies light and creates a feeling of spaciousness in the space. However, to avoid making the environment feel too cold or impersonal, it is advisable to add details in other colors that complement the white. A good option is incorporate elements in color black, like paintings, details on the floor or even soap dispensers.


Keeping it simple is key when decorating a small bathroom to avoid overloading the space. The essentials in this type of bathroom are a sink, a toilet and a shower. Choose toilets and furniture with simple lines, which will help create a clean and minimalist look.

Let the accessories be in charge of adding personality to the bathroom. You can choose items like towel racks, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and other decorative details that reflect your style and personal tastes.

A full color wall

While it's true that neutral tones are recommended in small bathrooms to create a spacious feeling, adding a splash of bold color can be an interesting option. One way to achieve this is by highlighting a specific area with a vibrant hue.

If you're doing a renovation, consider choosing brightly colored tiles to create a focal point. you can use them on a wall or in the shower area to add a visually appealing element.

Choose the towels well

Textiles play an important role in decoration. The towels can be a nice way to add color and personality to a neutral setting . For an eye-catching touch, choose towels in vibrant colors that contrast with the rest of the room's palette. You can display them on wall towel racks, coat racks, or even stack them on a shelf.

Also, a hot trend right now is waffle-patterned towels, which add texture and style to your decor.

Ceiling lamps

It is true that recessed spotlights are a common lighting option in this part of the house, but hanging ceiling lamps over the sink or in a corner can add a unique touch of style and achieve charming small bathrooms.

The choice of hanging ceiling lamps allows play around with the height and placement of the lights for a visually interesting look. You can consider combining several pendant lamps at different heights in order to achieve an even more impressive effect.

Decorating small bathrooms and getting the most out of them is not that difficult and we can achieve it by choosing each element well. Why not take a look at our catalog for inspiration?

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