How to create the perfect guest room: make your visitors feel at home

Cómo crear la habitación de invitados perfecta: haz que tus visitas se sientan como en casa

What sets an exceptional host apart is their meticulous attention to detail. Preparing a guest room in your home is a true art. It's not just about having an extra room with a bed, it's about Create a cozy and warm space where your visitors feel at home. We leave you some tips to achieve it.

Don't turn the guest room into a storage room

Remember that the guest room should not be used as a storage room nor like a laundry room with a portable clothesline in the middle. It must be a clean and organized space, where your guests can move without obstacles, without tripping over furniture that should not be there, and with the comforts they need: a small table, a table lamp and a chair or armchair where they can leave their clothes.

Sofa bed

If your home has limited space and you need to have a multipurpose guest room to use when visitors leave, a practical solution is the sofa bed. With a simple movement, you can open or close it to transform the room according to your needs. Furthermore, today there are lots of designs of different sizes and opening shapes, and they are as comfortable as a traditional bed.


The closet is an essential element in any guest room. Your visitors will bring their belongings for the night and change clothes as needed. Don't forget the bath kit, makeup and other personal items. Therefore, it is essential to have storage space for prevent them from having to spread their things around the room or leave them in suitcases. Choose the right wardrobe according to the space available, and if you have little space, Consider a nice chest of drawers. Another alternative, especially in small rooms, are donkeys, which may not be very aesthetic, but are very functional.

Better in neutral tones

So that your guests feel comfortable and are not surprised by an electric blue ceiling or exotic decorations that do not fit in any other area of ​​the house, it is best to opt for a simple decoration in neutral tones with touches of color to add warmth to the environment. When decorating a guest room, avoid eye-catching bedding, very colorful paintings and walls that are too bold. The objective is to get Visitors feel comfortable and relaxed in a peaceful environment.

Small details that create atmosphere

To make your guests feel comfortable and almost at home, it is essential create an evocative and charming atmosphere. You can achieve this by placing a selection of items such as a magazine, a recently published book, or a classic that is always nice to reread. An air freshener with a subtle fragrance , a candle that adds warmth and a floral arrangement can complete the feeling of home.


In any guest room, even the smallest ones, bedside tables are pieces of furniture that cannot be missing. Its functionality is indisputable, since they provide a surface to leave the watch, the cell phone with the alarm and other accessories, while at the same time contributing to the decoration. There are a wide variety of designs in different sizes and materials to adapt to any need and budget.

Take care of the lighting

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, plays a key role in the success of decorating a guest room. Place a lamp on the nightstand is essential for reading or turning it on at night before going to bed. If you have a chair, a good idea is Add a floor lamp to turn it into a comfortable reading nook. The more windows with natural light there are, the better, but Make sure you have curtains or blinds quality to guarantee complete darkness during the night and optimal rest. If natural light is limited, opt for warm lights that provide a cozy atmosphere.

Tricks for an outstanding

If you aspire to be an exceptional host, you can place it on the bed or in a basket a set of towels that includes shower, hand and toilet towels for each guest. You can fold or roll them and tie them with ribbon or string. This gesture is essential for the comfort and hygiene of your visitors, who will greatly appreciate it.

Additionally, you can add a welcome note on the nightstand with a short message and the Wi-Fi password. Another option is to create a cardboard with lettering and frame it to give it a nice touch and use it as decoration and keep it for the next guests.

You can also frame a print with a message such as “Feel at home,” “Our house is your house,” or “Welcome,” and hang it over the headboard of the bed.

Another creative idea is to purchase letters with your guests' initials and place them on the table, along with hotel type cloth slippers that you can arrange on a mat.

These small details will personalize the moment and your guests will surely be delighted and grateful.

As you see, the key to a perfect guest room is comfort and small details. If you apply these tips, your visitors will surely want to return as soon as possible.

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