How to create original decorations with dried flowers

Cómo crear adornos originales con flores secas

The decorations withdried flowers They can create a warm and special atmosphere in your home. If you do not know what to do with that bouquet that you have been given and that has only lasted a few days in good condition, these decorations can be a good way to give it a new life.

Plus, you'll get adecor different and original that reflects 100% your personality. If you don't know what to do with them, discover some of the best ideas to fill your home with dried flowers.

Ideas to create your own decorations with dried flowers

Decorating with dried flowers can be a good way to add an extra touch to your home while developing your imagination and creativity. Discover how you can do it with all these ideas. Your house will be different from any other and will always have that personal touch.

Create botanical paintings

To create paintings of a botanical nature you can help you from an old book or a sheet of notebook to hook the dried flowers and then hang them on the wall. If you want to give your home a rustic touch, you can also use sheets on which to stick your flowers.

Finally, if you don't want to give up this style, but want something more modern, you can also place them on a glass background. using methacrylate sheets . It will be the perfect decoration for your furniture and also for your wall.

Make a wall decoration

You can also use dried flowers to decorate the room. To do so, you can use them by sticking them with double-sided tape or washi tape, taking care not to see the hitch, in the form of bouquets. Do this on a plain wall and manage to turn it into an accent wall towards which all eyes will go.

Decorate with special garlands

Garlands can be a good decoration for special events, but also to highlight any corner of your home. In this sense, you can create one of dried flowers knotting them at the base of the flower or by the stem. A good idea is to use them on the headboard of the bed to give it a rustic and romantic touch at the same time.

Create your own centerpiece with dried flowers

Dried flower arrangements can be a good option fordecorate your coffee table. Put your flowers in the inside of a pot, a rustic box or a basket wicker for that country house style that suits all seasons so well.

You can also create gift wrap

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have had to give a gift and you did not have wrapping paper at home that would attract attention. For an extra touch, you can stick dried flower leaves on the wrapper, creating an original pattern. In addition, you can also create small corsages and use them to decorate the package. It will look like you bought it at a design store, but you will have made it with your own hands.

Make some original coasters

Another element that cannot be missing in the home, which is decorative and functional at the same time, is the coaster. If you want to create ones that reflect your personality, you can also make use of dried flowers for this. As base, use pieces of log or clay. Then, place the glued or pressed dry flowers on them. A great idea is to use resin, an easy to mold and very resistant material.

Create lamps for your home

Lamps are that element that brings warmth to the home, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to create your own with your hands, you can take a lampshade and cover it with leaves of dried flowers as a pattern. In case you are looking for something more striking, you can even cover the entire screen, so that it appears to be made entirely of flowers. It will be ideal to give life to that corner table or also to your hall.

Make candles and bookmarks with dried flowers

Candles cannot be missing in your home either if you want to achieve a romantic and cozy atmosphere. In this case, you can decorate them with dried flowers in the outer area and get a very sophisticated result. In addition, carrying them out will be a relaxing process.

Finally, if you are a book lover, you will know the importance of having a good bookmark. Create your own with dried flowers using transparent adhesive paper . You just have to let your imagination fly to carry out the composition that best suits you. Again, the result will surprise you and give you peace of mind.

As you can see, there are many decorations with dried flowers that you can make. You will spend a quiet, creative and fun time and the result will be rustic, romantic and original. If something is clear, it is that your home will never be the same again if you carry out all these ideas.

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