How to preserve dried flowers quickly and easily

Cómo conservar flores secas de forma rápida y sencilla

Dried flowers are the ideal companions, always present in all their splendor, to bring their everlasting beauty to our home. But how to preserve dried flowers so that they last long? Next, we will tell you all the secrets of this type of flowers.

How to dry flowers at home

If you are wondering how to make dried flowers, the answer is that there are different techniques. Some are more suitable for certain varieties of flowers, but since they are simple procedures you can experiment with different methods and check which of them offers you the results you like the most.

  • With pressing. This is a traditional technique that involves placing the flowers between paper and cardboard, applying pressure with heavy books, and allowing them to dry over time. It is ideal for small, flat flowers and is commonly used in stationery projects, collage and scrapbooking .
  • In the air. In this technique, the flowers are hung upside down in a warm, dark and dry place with good ventilation. It is perfect for long-stemmed flowers and allows you to preserve the volume of the flowers for use in vases and floral arrangements.
  • Dry flowers in the oven. This technique is less common but effective for flowers with many petals, such as chrysanthemums, camellias or dahlias. Chicken wire is used to keep the flowers upright and they are baked at a low temperature to dehydrate them little by little.
  • In the microwave. It is a quick technique that uses silica sand to make dried flowers with many petals. The flowers are placed in a container with silica sand in the microwave for a few minutes, which speeds up the drying process.
  • Dry flowers with desiccant. Simply place silica sand or cat litter in an airtight jar to dry flowers. This technique is simple and effective, and the flowers will be dry within a few days.

Drying flowers at home is a beautiful and creative way to preserve special memories for much longer. They can also be used to create different crafts such as framing sheets.

How long do dried flower bouquets last?

Dried flower bouquets can last a long time in perfect condition, even more than 2 years. After that time, they may begin to lose consistency and color, and their appearance will gradually decline. However, if we take good care of our dried flowers, We can enjoy them for a whole decade, even if the colors are not as intense as at the beginning .

Thanks to this, this type of bouquets and floral arrangements They are an ideal option to give a touch of nature to our home, without having the responsibility of taking care of a green plant, and without having to resort to artificial options.

dried flowers They require virtually no care , which makes them extremely practical and comfortable. You don't need to worry about watering or pruning them, so it's the perfect option for those who want the beauty of flowers without the effort of maintenance.

Unlike fresh flower bouquets that tend to wither and lose leaves in a short time, dried flower arrangements maintain their beauty for much longer. Besides, They add color and charm to your home in any season of the year, since it is not necessary to resort to greenhouse flowers or unusual varieties to maintain a beautiful atmosphere in your home at any time.

Since they do not require light, you can place dried flower arrangements anywhere in your home, even in spaces where fresh plants do not survive.

How to preserve dried flowers naturally

Dried flowers, although they preserve themselves for years, also need certain care and precautions so that they remain beautiful for much longer.

To preserve dried flowers, the first thing is to place them in a suitable place for them at home. Avoid direct sun exposure, as the sun's rays can discolor and damage your floral arrangement. You should also avoid places with high humidity, because this could deteriorate the flowers or cause mold to appear. So, place them in a place away from windows and where there is not much sun.

In addition, it is advisable to clean the bouquet from time to time to remove dust. You can do it carefully using a small duster or soft brush. Another option is Gently blow off the dust with a hair dryer. If you opt for the latter technique, be sure to use the dryer on low power and maintain a safe distance to avoid damaging the flowers or twigs.

After cleaning the dust, you can Lightly spray the bouquet with hairspray to enhance the beauty of the flowers and prevent the accumulation of dirt. Make sure to apply the spray at a distance of approximately 20 cm for best results.

Now that you know how to preserve dried flowers, go ahead and include them in your home decoration. They look great!

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