Keys to lighting your house correctly

Claves para iluminar tu casa correctamente

Any interior designer knows that Lighting a house is a true art. Ultimately, this task involves numerous practical and aesthetic issues that allow us to increase the comfort of our rooms.

Who has not ever thought about how to give light to a dark house? Certainly, there are many aspects that depend on the lighting in our home: from visual comfort to the electricity bill. Get inspired by the tips we have prepared for you in this post !

How to illuminate your house well

Bet on LED lights

Gone are the times when LED lights were too expensive and unsightly. These days, these bulbs are much more affordable and Its design has improved to become extremely decorative. So, it is not surprising that lamps that leave these bulbs visible are quite a trend. Look how good they look on Greta Etch !

It is as bad to pass as not to arrive

Balance is essential when it comes to lighting a home. In fact, neither darkness nor over-illumination they are desirable. That said, it is worth keeping in mind that what is valid for one room may not be valid for another.

The rooms in your home need more or less light depending on the type of activity you carry out in them. Thus, those used for work (such as the kitchen or office) require more lighting than those used for rest (such as the bedroom or bathroom).

warm or cold light

Another big question that arises when we talk about lighting a house is what lighting temperature to choose. In reality, this question is resolved in the same way as the previous one: everything It depends on what you are going to do in that room.

  • The cold or neutral lights They emulate natural light, which makes them ideal for minimizing eye strain when we work.
  • The warm lights They are very cozy, so they will be great for decorating the corners where we usually relax.

A type of lamp for every purpose

Once again, depending on what we are doing at any given moment, our eyes will need a different type of light (studying is not the same as watching TV). That is why table lamps are perfect so that we can concentrate on the most intellectual tasks. Something as simple as using specific points of light (such as the Brass desk lamp ) allows us to give it our all when we read or study.

The rest of the decorative elements also count

Maybe you've never thought about it, but lighting in the house is not a mere matter of putting lamps here and there. There are many more factors you should take into account!

  • Just put a lamp in front of a mirror to double the light without having to buy two lamps.
  • The use of Light colors It's one of the tips most popular when it comes to making a house look more open (and spacious). This covers all elements of the room: from upholstery and furniture to painting walls and ceilings.
  • The brighter a space looks, the more spacious it will be. Therefore, you must avoid shady areas using strategically placed light sources.
  • The glass walls and doors They will be of great help to allow light to pass through different rooms.

Say yes to indirect lights

Combining different points of indirect and filtered light will make the lighting in your home particularly flattering. In this point, the sides of the room They are a crucial place to place the lamps, since their light will bathe the room in a more diffuse way.

Lighting in the house does not have to take up space

The question of how to light a dark house becomes even more complicated when our home is small. In these cases, nothing would be worse than overloading it with a bunch of lamps, mainly because they take up valuable space...

Succeeding in the challenge of lighting a small room (like a bathroom) is easier than you imagine: ceiling lamps and sconces as Margareta They will come to you even painted to illuminate without “invading” the floor or tables.

And what about the exteriors?

Gardens and terraces are the most forgotten when we talk about lighting a house. It is worth noting that in these spaces it is essential to use lighting suitable for outdoors. If, in addition, it adds a touch of magic and romanticism, all the better. Here, garlands and candle holders (as Auro and Dalia ) are more than recommended options.

There is nothing like lighting your house correctly to Take your decor to the next level. Do you already know that at VICO HOUSE DECO we have all the lamps you need to put into practice the tricks you just learned?

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