Keys to decorate your house in the farmhouse style

Claves para decorar tu casa al estilo farmhouse

When we talk about farmhouse In interior decoration, we are talking about a style that is characterized by its rustic, relaxed and cozy appearance, which evokes the feeling of living in a farm or country house from past centuries. Below we explain more about this beautiful trend that you can easily replicate by applying some tricks.

What is farmhouse style? farmhouse

The style farmhouse It is a decorative style that combines elements of other styles to achieve an elegant and cozy atmosphere with a touch vintage. It is inspired by the typical decoration of 19th century American farms and is characterized by the use of rustic furniture and accessories, as well as decorative details that evoke life in the country.

The decoration farmhouse prioritizes natural over processed , and this is reflected in the choice of light and neutral colors such as browns, greens and grays. Wood is a fundamental material in this style, and is used in both furniture and decorative elements. In addition, plants play an important role in bringing color and life to spaces.

This type of style and rustic share many characteristics and can often be confused, but there are key differences between them. On the one hand, the rustic style is rougher, harsher and harder compared to the farmhouse. Furthermore, it is based on a more primitive aesthetic and employs a more limited color palette, focused on earth tones and raw natural materials.

For his part, the farmhouse seeks a simple, romantic and relaxed image . Use a broader color palette, with light and neutral tones such as browns, greens and grays, but can also include softer and pastel colors. It tends to be more versatile in terms of colors and often incorporates vintage elements and touches of elegance. It could be described as a mix between rustic interior design and shabby chic

Style Features farmhouse

The style farmhouse It has a series of characteristics that make it unique and quite unmistakable.

Natural materials

This style is based on the use of materials such as wood, stone and metal, which give it a rustic and vintage, and contribute to creating that natural and cozy feeling to the spaces.

Neutral colors

The color palette in the style farmhouse It includes neutral tones such as white and beige, which bring calm and serenity to the environment. Soft pastel tones are also used, especially pastel green , to give a touch of color without being overwhelming. The earthy tones They complement the palette and are included to add a touch of warmth and depth.

rustic furniture

Furniture in this style is simple and made of natural materials. They usually have a worn and old look which is what gives them character. The ornamental details are also simple, but elegant, which adds a special charm to the home.

Objects vintage

The objects vintage and with a lot of life behind them, they are an important part of the decoration farmhouse. These objects, such as metal pots, jars, wicker baskets and antique farm tools, add authenticity and personality to the space. The uniqueness of these pieces makes them stand out and add a touch of history to the environment.

Textures and materials

Textures play a crucial role in this type of decoration, as they help create a cozy and country atmosphere in the home.

Wool fabrics, such as blankets and pillows, add warmth and softness to spaces, while wicker and rattan are used in furniture and accessories, such as chairs, baskets and lamps. Stone and ceramic surfaces are also common in decoration farmhouse.

Like wood, which provides that point of rusticity and nature that is so fundamental in this style, the key is to achieve a balance between the roughest and hardest materials and the softest and most delicate ones.

Plants and flowers

Using fresh flowers and plants is one of the most effective ways to infuse a touch of nature into your farmhouse decor.

You can choose easy-care plants, such as succulents, and place them in simple clay, ceramic or brass pots. Also Fresh flowers can be added to add color and texture to the decoration. Choose seasonal flowers for a natural look and play with a variety of colors and textures, such as yellow and red tones, to bring spaces to life.

Dried flowers are also an excellent option, they also do not require as much care and can be placed almost in any area of ​​the house.

Ultimately, the goal of a farmhouse is create a cozy atmosphere at home. This is achieved through the use of warm colors, natural materials, objects vintage, candles, blankets and cushions that help create very pleasant rooms where you want to shelter and spend long hours of leisure and relax.

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