Keys to decorate your home with plants

Claves para decorar con plantas tu hogar

Did you know decorate with plants Does it help you to put your house in contact with nature? The truth is that any room wins when we add a vegetable touch. Get the most out of it with our tips!

Decoration and well-being always go hand in hand. For that reason, plants are a safe bet when it comes to decorating our home. In fact, his very presence It improves our physical and emotional health.

Frankly, no room or decorative style should remain oblivious to plant decoration. After all, a gesture as simple as putting a plant in a room is more than enough to fill it with life

Combine different plants to create contrast

When you want to decorate with plants like a professional interior designer, plant compositions are your best allies. So, combine specimens of different sizes, shapes and colors it will create a visual impact as powerful as it is attractive.

Just like it happens when you create your look , plant decoration requires using a nexus that unifies the whole set. This homogenizing role is fulfilled by the potsherds (as Kalm ) or pot covers: use the same design for all the plants and you will see how well the composition looks.

Optimize space by hanging them from the ceiling or with shelves

One of the most interesting aspects of plant decoration is that it is compatible with all corners of your home (walls, ceilings, floors, etc.). Not in vain, thanks to hanging pots and shelves (as Bernat ) you can include these decorative elements even in the smallest rooms.

Choose plants that adapt to the room

In essence, the "art" of decorating with indoor plants consists of finding the right plant for the right place. After all, each room is a world as far as light, size and humidity are concerned, right?

  • Use plants whose dimensions are proportional to the size of the room. Reserve the tallest and most voluminous specimens (for example, kentias) for the largest rooms, so as not to create a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Make sure that the color of the plant and its pot blend well with the dominant tones in the room (walls, furniture, ceilings, etc.).
  • If you like decorate the bedroom with natural plants, always choose varieties that purify the air (such as a poto or a calatea).
  • Aromatic plants (such as mint) and moisture-absorbing specimens (such as the Boston fern) are ideal for decorating bathrooms or kitchens. For their part, the driest and most diaphanous rooms are crying out to be embellished with cacti.

Decorate with plants without using plants

That the characteristics of a room are incompatible with plant life It is not a reason to give up decorating it with plants. In these cases, you can always use artificial specimens or dried flowers like our Achilea .

Allergies, little time, lack of skill… As much as we love nature, taking care of it is not always easy. Fortunately, you don't need to be an expert in botany to take advantage of all the benefits that plant decoration brings. Thus, in addition to decorating with artificial plants, you can always add vegetal details in upholstery or decorative sheets as the laundry .

Dare to separate rooms with them

Plants can also serve a valuable practical function within your home. In particular, one of its most successful applications is that of a room divider. They will be great for you Divide rooms without giving up the spaciousness that the open concept .

Do you have a house type loft And do you want to decorate the living room with plants in such a way that you can visually separate it from the kitchen? In that case, you can create a lush green barrier joining two or three tall plants.

Pay attention to pots and furniture

When decorating with plants, you should keep in mind that it all adds up. The final result is the fruit not only of the chosen vegetable variety but also of the container that houses it. The same can be said of the auxiliary furniture or shelf where you place the smaller copies.

Deposit your plants in summit original pots is just what you need to make a difference. The beauty and personality of both elements complement each other, just as happens when you decide to decorate wicker baskets with plants.

In addition to fitting aesthetically well with the plant it contains, the container must blend in with the rest of the room. that your material, color and aesthetics adapted to the room will create an invaluable sensation of harmony. Continuing with the example of wicker baskets, a model like Costanza would fit perfectly in a rustic-style living room.

As you may have already seen, decorating with plants is as easy as it is satisfying. Put into practice the advice that we have just shared with you and let yourself be inspired by our catalog on-line to open your home to nature. It will be like living in your own earthly paradise!

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