Keys to combine the gray color in the living room

Claves para combinar el color gris en el salón

In addition to black, white and beige, Gray stands out as one of the most popular neutral colors in interior design. It is not surprising, since this timeless color integrates perfectly with both natural wood tones and vibrant and intense colors. It is a wild card that never fails in decoration; elegant, versatile and never goes out of style, reasons that amply justify its popularity.

But to combine the color gray in your living room and for the result to be truly beautiful, it is advisable to take into account some colors with which it harmonizes best.

What colors combine with gray

If you have doubts about what color combines with gray in furniture and other home elements, below are some formulas that work very well.

Gray and white

The classic combination of gray and white is a timeless and elegant choice that appeals to both minimalists and lovers of Scandinavian style. Painting the interior surfaces of an older stucco house in light gray highlights the wall structure, providing softness and discretion. Even in a modern setting with white tones, a gray wall can stand out and enhance the beauty of white, while bringing serenity to the room.

Gray and mustard yellow

The combination of gray and mustard yellow is strikingly pretty and creates a striking contrast. Accenting a gray wall with a bright yellow piece of furniture can infuse any room with impressive tension. Mustard yellow provides warmth with its intense luminosity, but it is recommended to balance this combination with accents of other colors, such as cushions and accessories in shades of beige and gray to create a cozy atmosphere.

gray and green

Green makes it easy to create a striking accent in a gray room, as any shade of green goes well with gray.

A light stone gray, with blue and green nuances, combines perfectly with a fresh green. This palette works especially well in kitchens or bathrooms . Painting the kitchen walls in a pleasant slate gray and combining them with bright green textiles creates an elegant combination. To lighten the color contrast, you can incorporate decorations or accessories made of copper or other metals.

gray and pink

Pink, a romantic color, brings a calming effect to interiors. The combination of different shades of pink with a gray rug It allows soften the cold and sober feeling of this tone, creating an elegant and delicate appearance that can be enhanced with velvety materials. Combining gray in different shades with shades of pink in living rooms or bedrooms produces interesting compositions, even better if glossy and matte surfaces are mixed.

Gray and blue

Gray and blue always make a successful duo. Due to the understated nature of gray, it is a great companion to vibrant blues. This combination creates a harmonious atmosphere in any interior and can serve as a bridge between the white surfaces in the room. Blue brings freshness to furniture and prevents gray from appearing dull. To prevent the interior from being too cold, wood and natural materials can be used to add warmth.

5 ideas to combine the color gray in the living room

Once we know which colors best fit with gray, it is time to put theory into practice. These ideas can serve as inspiration for you.

1. Wood: add warmth to gray

The bad reputation, often unfair, that gray is too cold a color disappears when combined with wood . This natural material softens gray and balances its appearance. It also works the other way around, as gray can offset too much wood in a space, preventing it from looking too rustic, classic or heavy.

2. Textiles

In a gray living room, the touch of color can come from textiles. Mix different types of fabrics in curtains and rugs to generate various patterns and textures.

The rugs They are versatile and suitable for all seasons, as they insulate against the cold and dampen noise, in addition to providing warmth to any space.

3. White and wood for the living room furniture

To achieve a harmonious, bright and welcoming living room, you can use gray as a base and place furniture and upholstery in white.

4. Incorporates fiber pieces

Add natural fiber elements, such as rattan, wicker or jute , whether in furniture, seating or decorative accessories such as lampshades or baskets can make a difference in the decoration of your living room. These natural materials are warm and will help make your living room look more welcoming and homely.

5. A touch of wallpaper

If you want to give a touch of originality to your gray living room, we encourage you to try wallpaper. You can choose between plain models, with motifs, neutral colors or prints according to your preferences and the needs of the space. If you are afraid that the result will be too overloaded, you can wallpaper a main wall and leave the rest in soft tones that balance that protagonism.

You see that combining gray in the living room with other colors is a safe bet, especially if we manage to balance cold and warm tones to build a space that is as cozy as it is elegant.

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